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Office hours
Tuesday from 14:30 to 16:15 Via U. Bassi 1 - 5 Floor or Via Del Santo, 33 (to be checked online) Students are required to book a consultation time through an online platform (Setmore). Booking is easy:
Click and Open the following link: www.amedeopugliese.setmore.com
Select the relevant activity (Consultation Hours – Teaching) and the name of the instructor (Amedeo Pugliese)
Select the date and time that are available. [Be careful that you can only book an appointment starting 8 days in advance of the chosen date and up to 12 hours in advance. For instance, if you wish to book an appointment on Feb 16th you can only book from Feb 9th until Feb 15th at 12am).
Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive an email with all relevant details and instructions to amend or cancel your appointment.

Should you experience any issues, please contact me at amedeo.pugliese@unipd.it.
I will only reply to emails sent from the UniPD institutional email (@studenti.unipd.it).
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Proposals for thesis
1. How do family firms manage their transition? A lot of FFs handle their succession via an holding company (e.g. Edizione Holding) or in different ways. Which are the differences? Which one is more successful?
2. The Changing Nature of Board Monitoring following New Regulatory Requirements (Meta Analysis; Literature Review; Content and Qualitative Analysis)
3. The Nature and Economic Effects of Tax Reform on Financial Reporting Quality of Italian Companies. (A good knowledge of quantitative data analysis is required (e.g. STATA; R or SPSS)
4. The effects of Board Members’ Tenure on Disclosure Quality (This is a quantitative type of work, therefore a solid knowledge of quantitative data analysis and sofware (e.g. STATA; R or SPSS) is required.)
5. Accounting for Derivatives in Privately-Held Firms. (This is a quantitative type of work, therefore a solid knowledge of quantitative data analysis and sofware (e.g. STATA; R or SPSS) is required.)
6. The Effects of Pyramidal Groups on Financial Reporting Quality: Audit Fees, Going Concern Opinions and Auditor Rotation. An empirical analysis of European Listed Companies.
7. Does accounting quality matter for contracting purposes? An empirical examination of accounting quality on the sensitivity of pay of managers (2016)

Curriculum Vitae

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): F73FD9DF0EEE171E501B8107491B0625.pdf

1. Bezemer, Nicholson & Pugliese. 'The Influence of Board Chairs on Director Engagement: a Case based exploration of boardroom decision-making'. Corporate Governance: an International Review
2. Nicholson, Pugliese & Bezemer. 'Habitual Accountability Routines in the Boardroom: How Boards Balance Control and Collaboration'. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
3. Pugliese, Nicholson & Bezemer. An Observational Analysis of the Impact of Board Dynamics and Directors' Participation on Perceived Board Effectiveness. British Journal of Management
4. Elms, Nicholson & Pugliese. 'The importance of group-fit in new director selection. Management Decision
5. Pugliese, Minichilli & Zattoni. Integrating Agency and Resource Dependence Theory: Firm Profitability, Industry Regulation, and Board Tasks Performance. Journal of Business Research
6. Bezemer, Nicholson & Pugliese. 'Inside the Boardroom: exploring Board Member Interactions'. Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management, Emerald Literati Award 2015.
7. Pugliese. 'IPOs around the World: a review of Corporate Governance and Initial Public Offerings - An International Perspective'. Journal of Management and Governance.
8. Cascino, Pugliese, Mussolino & Sansone. The Influence of family ownership on the quality of accounting information. Family Business Review, Special Issue on 'Accounting in Family Firms'
9. Pugliese, Bezemer, Zattoni, Huse, Van Den Bosch & Volberda. 'Boards of Directors' Contribution to Corporate Strategy: A Literature Review and Research Agenda'. Corporate Governance: an International Review. Special Issue on 'Review of Corporate Governance'
10. Pugliese & Wenstop. Board Members' Contribution to Strategic Decision Making in Small Firms'. Journal of Management and Governance

PUBLICATIONS (Books and Book Chapters)
1. Quantitative Data Analysis: A Companion Book for Accounting and Information Systems Research (with Mertens & Recker). Springer International Publishing
2. Boards Contribution to Strategy and Innovation (with Zattoni). Chapter into the 'Handbook of Corporate Governance' (Eds. Clarke & Branson). SAGE Publishing

PUBLICATIONS (Italian Language)
3. L'impatto delle condizioni interne ed eterne sul ruolo del CdA: un'analisi empirica sulle grandi imprese italiane. Book Chapter (Ed. Fortuna). Il Mulino.
4. Evolutionary patterns in Corporate Governance Research. Monograph. CEDAM.
5. Ownership Structures and Governance Mechanisms in Italian Family Firms. Book Chapter in 'La Sensibilita' al Valore nelle Imprese Familiari', (Ed. Viganò). CEDAM.
6. Financial Reporting in Small Family Firms: Towards a New Framework? Book Chapter in 'La Sensibilita' al Valore nelle Imprese Familiari', (Ed. Viganò). CEDAM.

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
EP2423 002PD EPP3060657 9 1st Year (2019/20) First
EP2093 COMMON EPP4064621 12 1st Year (2019/20) First
»   EPP7077938 9 1st Year (2019/20) Annual ENG AMEDEO PUGLIESE
»   EPP7077939 7 1st Year (2019/20) Annual ENG EMILIO PASSETTI