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Structure Department of Management and Engineering
Qualification Ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo A
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Office hours
Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 Il docente riceve nello studio 79, al Complesso Barche presso il Dip. di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali (DTG), Vicenza
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Proposals for thesis
1) Design and analysis of Functional Safety algorithms for distributed industrial systems
2) Implementation of Functional Safety algorithms in distributed industrial embedded systems

Algorithms for industrial functional safety refer to the definitions found in IEC 61508 standards. They are adopted to ensure adequate levels of safety for people and plants/machinery in the event of failures. Often, in modern plants, functional safety is achieved through distributed systems in which the designed algorithms cooperate to achieve the intended objective.

For both the proposed theses, it is possible to carry out internships in local companies.

Curriculum Vitae
Federico Tramarin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering and Management of the University of Padova, Italy. He received the BS in information engineering, the MS in electronic engineering, and the Ph.D. degrees in Information Engineering all from the University of Padova. From 2012 to 2018 he has been with the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). His main fields of interest are networked embedded systems, real-time industrial systems, and communication, cyber-physical systems, with particular focus on performance analysis, measurement, and improvement of system reliability. He currently serves in the Editorial Board and as a reviewer for several renowned international journals, as well as a TPC member of several IEEE international conferences. He is a member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) Technical Committee on Factory Automation. He was also actively involved in the standardization activities of the IEEE 61158 standard for industrial hard real-time communication.

Research areas
Real-time industrial systems over lossy channels; performance analysis and optimization
Industrial Internet of Things: architectures, protocols and devices.
Distributed synchronization algorithms for networked embedded systems
Safety protocols for distributed cyber-physical systems over uncertain channels
Localization algorithms based on fingerprinting and graphs for IIoT applications.

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
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IN2376 COMMON INP7078641 6 3rd Year (2019/20) Second