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Structure Department of Biology
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Qualification Professore ordinario
Scientific sector BIO/10 - BIOCHEMISTRY
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Stanza 18, Dip. di Biologia, VI piano Sud. Si riceve previo appuntamento per email
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Proposals for thesis
Mitochondrial dynamics in cell life and death

Curriculum Vitae
The work of L. Scorrano has changed classical tenets in the fields of apoptosis and mitochondrial pathophysiology. His work on cristae remodeling paved the way for the new field of mitochondrial dynamics. In the following years, his lab discovered that Opa1 works as a molecular staple holding cristae junctions tight, deficient in dominant optic atrophy, targeted during apoptosis and essential in vivo to control tissue damage and even to correct mitochondrial diseases; identified the first molecular bridge between ER and mitochondria (starting the new field of interorganellar contact sites); showed that mitochondria change shape to control autophagy, or to produce progesterone during pregnancy; demonstrated that cristae shape dictates assembly of proteins and efficiency of respiration; discovered a novel pathway of Notch1 signaling controlled by mitochondrial fusion and Ca2+ essential during heart development; discovered that mitochondrial fusion mounts a metabolic defense against the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma. His papers are widely cited (146 indexed items, approx. 22,000 citations, average of ~150 cites/item, h-index of 68 on Google Scholar; of his research papers as main author, 3 are cited >1,000 times, 11 >300 times, 21 >100 times). For his research, he received several awards and was elected EMBO Member in 2012. L. Scorrano serves the community by sitting on advisory, steering and evaluation boards in Europe and abroad.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): D78AF9E508963F4204E2511ACDD29011.pdf

Research areas
Mitochondrial dynamics in cell life, differentiation and death

Selected peer-reviewed publications from a total of 146 (*equal contribution)
1. L. Scorrano, M. Ashiya, K. Buttle, S. Weiler, S.A. Oakes, C.A. Mannella and S.J. Korsmeyer, A Distinct Pathway Remodels Mitochondrial Cristae and Mobilizes Cytochrome c during Apoptosis. Dev. Cell 2: 55-67 (2002).
2. L. Scorrano*, S.A. Oakes*, J.T. Opferman, E.H. Cheng, M.D. Sorcinelli, T. Pozzan and S.J. Korsmeyer. BAX and BAK Regulation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+: A Control Point for Apoptosis. Science 300: 135-9 (2003).
3. S. Cipolat, O. Martins de Brito, B. Dal Zilio and L. Scorrano OPA1 requires mitofusin 1 to promote mitochondrial fusion Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 101:15927-32 (2004).
4. S. Cipolat*, T. Rudka*, D. Hartmann*, V. Costa, L. Serneels, K. Craessaerts, K. Metzger, C. Frezza, W. Annaert, L. D’Adamio, C. Derks, T. Dejaegere, L. Pellegrini, R. D’Hooge, and L. Scorrano‡, B. De Strooper‡. ‡corresponding authors. Mitochondrial rhomboid PARL regulates cytochrome c release during apoptosis via OPA1 dependent cristae remodeling. Cell 126:163-75 (2006)
5. C. Frezza, S. Cipolat, O. Martins de Brito, M. Micaroni, G.V. Beznoussenko, T. Rudka, D. Bartoli, R.S. Polishuck, N.N. Danial, B. De Strooper and L. Scorrano. OPA1 Controls Mitochondrial Cristae Remodelling Independently from Mitochondrial Fusion During Apoptosis. Cell 126:176-89 (2006)
6. G.M. Cereghetti, A. Stangherlin, O. Martins de Brito, C.R. Chang, C. Blackstone, P. Bernardi and L. Scorrano Dephosphorylation by calcineurin regulates translocation of Drp1 to mitochondria. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 105:15803-15808 (2008).
7. O. Martins de Brito and L. Scorrano Mitofusin 2 tethers mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum. Nature 456:605-10 (2008).
8. V. Costa, M Giacomello, R. Hudec, R. Lopreiato, G. Ermak, D. Lim, W. Malorni, K.J.A. Davies, E. Carafoli, and L. Scorrano Mitochondrial fission and cristae disruption increase the response of cell models of Huntington’s disease to apoptotic stimuli EMBO Mol. Med. 2:490-503. (2010)
9. L. Gomes, G. Di Benedetto and L. Scorrano During autophagy mitochondria elongate, are spared from degradation and sustain cell viability Nat. Cell. Biol. 13:589–598 (2011)
10. M. Wasilewski, M. Semenzato, S.M. Rafelski, J. Robbins, A.I. Bakardjiev, and L. Scorrano Optic atrophy 1-dependent mitochondrial remodeling controls steroidogenesis in trophoblasts. Curr. Biol. 2: 1228-1234. (2012).
11. S. Cogliati, C. Frezza, M.E. Soriano, T. Varanita, R. Quintana Cabrera, M. Corrado, S. Cipolat, V. Costa, A. Casarin, L.C. Gomes, E. Perales-Clemente, L. Salviati, P. Fernandez-Silva, JA. Enriquez and L. Scorrano. Mitochondrial cristae shape determines respiratory chain supercomplexes assembly and respiratory efficiency. Cell 155:160-71 (2013)
12. A. Kasahara, S. Cipolat, Y. Chen, G.W. Dorn 2nd and L. Scorrano Mitochondrial Fusion Directs Cardiomyocyte Differentiation via Calcineurin and Notch Signaling. Science. 342:734-7 (2013).
13. V. Debattisti, D. Pendin, E. Ziviani, A. Daga, and L. Scorrano Reduction of endoplasmic reticulum stress attenuates the defects caused by Drosophila mitofusin depletion. J Cell Biol. 204:303-12 (2014)
14. A Pyakurel, C. Savoia, D. Hess and L. Scorrano Extracellular regulated kinase phosphorylates Mitofusin 1 to control mitochondrial morphology and apoptosis. Mol. Cell. 58:244-54 (2015)
15. T. Varanita, M.E. Soriano, V. Romanello, T. Zaglia, R. Quintana Cabrera, M. Semenzato, R. Menabò, V. Costa, G. Civiletto, P. Pesce, C. Viscomi, M. Z

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): D78AF9E508963F4204E2511ACDD29011.pdf

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