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Structure Department of Biology
Telephone 0498276325
Qualification Ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo B
Scientific sector BIO/04 - VEGETAL PHYSIOLOGY
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Office hours
Monday from 11:00 to 12:00 Edificio Vallisneri - IV piano sud Ricevimento prendendo appuntamento via e-mail
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Proposals for thesis
Research in our group is aimed to understand plant response to environmental changes with an evolutionary perspective.

We are mainly focused on:
1) the transduction of calcium signalling
2) the molecular mechanisms which are involved in the regulation of the photosynthetic machinery

For this purpose, we are using the bryophyte Physcomitrella patens as a model system and applying an integrated approach combining genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, microscopy and spectroscopy.

Students are wellcome to join one of our research projects, for further information please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail and I will provide a more detailed description of our current projects.

If you want to get an idea of how our group is, visit this profile curated by our fellows

Curriculum Vitae
Alessandro Alboresi
Assistant Professor in Plant Physiology
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4818-7778

2017 – today: Researcher (B-Type/Ricercatore di tipo B) in Plant Physiology. Università di Padova (Italy) mainly focused on the study of Photosynthesis regulation and Calcium signaling in algae and bryophytes

2015 – 2017: Researcher (A-Type/Ricercatore di tipo A) in Plant Physiology. Università di Padova (Italy). “Photosynthesis regulation in algae and bryophytes”. BioLEAP Project (ID: 309485 - FP7-IDEAS-ERC of Prof. Tomas Morosinotto)

2014 – 2015: Post-doctoral fellow at Università di Padova (Italy).Lab director: Prof. Tomas Morosinotto. The main goal of the project was the development of Molecular tools to improve algae growth in photobioreactors in the frame european project BioLEAP

2007 – 2014: Post-doctoral fellow at Università di Verona (Italy). Lab director: Prof. Roberto Bassi. The main goal of the project was the study of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana; the study of photosynthesis and photoprotection in Physcomitrella patens and the mutagenesis and screening of Nannochloropsis gaditana.

2005 – 2007: Post-doctoral fellow at Université de Marseille (France). Lab director: Prof. Christophe Robaglia. The main goal of the project was the study of photoprotection in photosystem I of Arabidopsis thaliana and the characterization of the photosynthetic apparatus of the moss Physcomitrella patens

2002 – 2005: PhD thesis at INRA Versailles-Grignon (France) under the supervision of Christian Meyer and Hoai-Nam Truong within the Research Training Network PLUSNitrate. The title of the thesis is "Physiology and genetics of nitrate signal in Arabidopsis thaliana".

Supervising and co-supervising 11 master students and 4 PhD candidates

25 articles. 8 articles as first author. 4 articles as last author. 1 article as corresponding author.
Average IF 5,82
SCOPUS h-index 16; 1043 citations.


25 articles.
8 articles as first author. 4 articles as second author.
4 articles as last author. 1 article as corresponding author.

Total Impact Factor 145,47
Average Impact Factor 5,82

SCOPUS: h-index 16. 1043 citations.

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): CAE35ED49BF795176E951C3953B62B46.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
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SC1179 COMMON SCP6076599 8 2nd Year (2019/20) First