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Saletta Colloqui, Via Bassi, II piano Ricevimento su aapuntamento previa mail (laura.faverocarraro@unipd.it)
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Curriculum Vitae
Laura Favero Carraro
She has been teaching English courses at the University of Padova since 1994 and, as Professore a contratto, at the Department of Economics and Managment since academic year 2003/2004. Visiting lecturer at Princeton University, she has presented papers at international conferences like the Margaret Cavendish International Conference in Paris, and the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference at St John’s College, Oxford, and has contributed articles to the The Literary Encyclopedia, an online reference work, since its start in October 2000.
Her main interests concern languages for specific purposes, from the semiotics of the theatre to the development of the scientific language in the Eighteenth century, and the English for Specific Purposes of academic contexts and areas such as sport, newspapers, economics.
Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne
Perfezionamento in Filologia Moderna
Dottorato di Ricerca in Anglistica

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): C66C748EB840EB93547A01D5CFCADF4D.pdf

“Un’analisi delle strutture spazio-temporali in Antony and Cleopatra”, in Prometeo, 10 (1983): 11-23
“La critica e le Histories di Shakespeare, 1983-1986”, in Annali di Ca’ Foscari, XXVII, 1-2 (1988): 347-53
“Donne fra cultura e scienza in Inghilterra (1650- 1750)”, in Annali di Ca’ Foscari, XXX, 1 – 2 (1991): 49-77
“Lo sport nell’attività linguistico-didattica”, in Scuola e Lingue Moderne XXXV, 1 (1997): 2-7
“Il linguaggio giornalistico-sportivo”, in Rassegna Italiana di Linguistica Applicata XXX, 1 (1998): 45 –67
“Women’s Discorse on Science and Learning and the Image of the Learned Lady”, in In-between IX, 1-2 (2000): 137-146
“Jeffrey Masten, Textual Intercourse, a Review”, in In-between XI, 1 (2001): 192-95
“Women at Stake: the Self-Assertive Power of Gambling in Susanna Centlivre’s The Basset Table”, in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research, 16/2 ( 2001): 53-62
“The English of Economics in Italian EAP Courses”, in Rassegna Italiana di Linguistica Applicata XLII, 3 (Settembre-Dicembre 2010): 67-78

“Susanna Centlivre, A Biography” ( www.LitEncyc.com)
“Carlo Goldoni, A Biography” (www.LitEncyc.com)”
“Susanna Centlivre’s The Basset Table” (www.LitEncyc.com)
“Susanna Centlivre’s The Gamester” (www.LitEncyc.com)
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“Gambling and Literature” (www.LitEncyc.com)

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): C66C748EB840EB93547A01D5CFCADF4D.pdf

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