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Structure Department of General Psychology
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Scientific sector M-PSI/08 - CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY
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Notice and additional information
Due to concomitant Department meeting and exams, office hours of Wednesday, 15th of October is Postponed to Thursday 16th from 12 to 14

Office hours
Wednesday from 11:15 to 13:15 Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale Via Venezia 8 IV piano Si prega di controllare sempre il sito docente per verificare eventuali cambiamenti dell'orario
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Proposals for thesis
Tesi triennali

Tesi in ambito di meta-analisi degli studi fMRI. La meta-analisi in fMRI è molto più semplice di quello che viene fatto per gli studi di efficacia sui trattamenti è può pertanto essere svolto anche da un laureando triennale:
- empatia ed emozioni: meta-analisi degli studi di imaging
- il concetto di meta-analisi negli studi di imaging: studi sperimentali
- qualità della ricerca in neuroscienze

Tesi Magistrali:

Per gli interessati ad imparare l'analisi dei dati con fMRI sono disponibili diversi lavori di tesi in tema di psicobiologia delle funzioni mentali normali e patologiche, possibile anche lo svolgimento all'estero

Per gli interessati al sonno possibilità di tesi nell'ambito della psicofisiologia del sonno in ambito psicologico clinico. Richiesta frequenza in laboratorio per imparare le tecniche di registrazione.

Riproducibilità della ricerca in neuroscienze e text mining di articoli scientifici (richieste capacità di programmazione in python)

Interazione Uomo-Cavallo nelle terapie animale assistite

Curriculum Vitae
Claudio Gentili, M.D., Ph.D. M.S. Psychol. Curriculum Vitae

Current position:
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padova (from October 2015)

Previous academic work experiences:
2010-2015: Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology (University of Pisa)
2006-2009: Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology (University of Pisa) three-year contract

Education and Abroad stages:
2017: Visiting Scholar at Stanford University (2 months)
2012: Boarded Psychotherapist
2009: Master Degree in Psychology (University of Pavia)
2007 : Ph.D. in Molecular, Metabolic, Functional exploration of Nervous System and Sensorial Organs (University of Pisa)
2004: Visiting Research Assistant at Princeton University (3 months)
2002: Medical Doctor (University of Pisa)

Main research interests:
- Neurobiology of mental disorders: a particular interest has been devoted to resting state correlates of psychological traits related to psychopathology such as impulsivity and neuroticism and to phobic conditions such as social anxiety disorder.
- Electrophysiological correlates of mood and anxiety: in this framework ECG recording acquired both through traditional equipment and through wearable device were used to evaluate and predict mood and mood changes in patients with affective disorders. These activities were also part of two European Projects (PSYCHE -European Framework 7- and NEVERMIND - European Framework Horizon2020)) granted by the European Commission
- Meta-analysis and quality in neuroimaging research
- Biological effects of psychological treatments

Principal international collaborations:
- Stanford University: reproducibility of fMRI studies
- University Babes-Bolyai (Romania): fMRI correlates of psychological intervention and mental disorders and quality in research
- Vrie Universitat (Amsterdam): meta-analysis in clinical psychology

He is Academic editor for PLOS1 and member of the Editorial Committee of:
“Journal of Evidence Based Psychotherapy”, Indexed in ISI
"Transylvanian Journal of Psychology", Indexed in EBSCO e PSYCHINFO.
He is ad-hoc referee for psychobiology, psychophysiology and clinical psychology papers for several peer-review journals including: Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, Brain Research Bulletin, Archives Italiennes de Biologie, Current Anthropology, Transactional Psychiatry, POLSone, Archives of General Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry, Biological Psychology, Frontieers Publishing.
National and international scientific boards
From 2013 “Research affiliate” Albert Ellis Institute - New-York
From 2012 Scientific Board of SkyRa “Platform for Advanced Imaging MRI/EEG – in Clinical Cognitive Sciences” Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Conference and workshop organization:
2014 Chair of organizing committees and member of the local scientific committee for the XVI Congress of The Italian Association of Psychology (Clinical and Dynamic psychology branch) Pisa September 18-20.
2009 Co-chairman Local Organizing Committee XXIII Congress of The European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), Pisa September 23-26.

Member of organizing committees:
2018 XIX World Congress of Psychophysiology, Lucca September 4-8
2017 XXXI Congress of The European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), Padua August 29 - September 2
2012 International Organization of Psychophysiology, Pisa September 13-17.
2006 The Architecture of

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): B799133F95BAD815CAFA77F9CF912440.pdf

Research areas
fMRI: data analysis and data acquisition. My greatest interest is in resting-state fMRI analysis aimed to describe normal psychological traits and pathological conditions

ECG-HRV: data analysis and data acquisition. My interest is related to study HRV characteristics and metrics to characterize mood normal and pathological states. Moreover I'm intrested in using HRV metrics to evaluate vulnerability to mental disorders in healthy population

Meta_analysis and research quality in neuroimaging: My interest is related to evaluate the quality of research in neuroscience and neuroimaging and to evaluate the limits of the actual system for meta-analysis in neuroimaging.

Supported Vector Machine analysis of big dataset: My interest is to use SVM to unveil hidden properties of large sample based dataset

Sleep: Psychophysiology of Sleep in clinical settings

All the field of resarch are developed in collaboration with Italian (IMT-School Lucca, University of Pisa) and International (Muenster University, Babes-Bolyai University - Cluj Napoca) Universities.


Lecturer's Publications (PDF): B799133F95BAD815CAFA77F9CF912440.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
PS1089 COMMON PSP3049859 6 1st Year (2019/20) Second
PS2192 COMMON PSP5070176 6 3rd Year (2019/20) Second
PS1082 COMMON PSP3049823 6 3rd Year (2019/20) First