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Structure Department of Industrial Engineering
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Scientific sector ING-IND/25 - CHEMICAL PLANTS
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Notice and additional information
Additional information on Prof. Spilimbergo's research activity can be found in http://www.superunit.dii.unipd.it/

Curriculum Vitae
M.D. in Chemical Engineering (1998, University of Padova). Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2003, University of Padova). 2004-2014 Assistant professor of Chemical Engineering (University of Trento, Department of Industrial Engineering). 2014 to present Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering (University of Padova, Department of Industrial Engineering). Attainment of the National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor of Chemical Engineering, 09/D3 – (November 2014).

She has received funding and served as national leader for the following European and national projects and research projects:
• “Future Food”, Horizon 2020, Call H2020-SFS-2014-2.
• “Processing Raw Materials into Excellent and Sustainable End Products while Remaining Fresh (PRESERF) - SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME THEME KBBE-2009-2-2-03-Sustainable food and feed processing, project number 245280
• "Supercritical decellularization of engineered tissues for clinical application" funded by Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto (CaRiTRo), biomedical science section, 2013,
• “Coconut water: sport drink with high nutritional and vitamin content" funded by “Universiadi 2013”, 2013.
• “Functinal foods: vegetable flour for healthy food and active compounds with high bioavailability”, Industria 2015 New technologies for Made in Italy, March 2010, notified as excellence project.
Her collaborations include consultant agreements with food and pharmaceutical companies such as Trentofrutta S.p.A., Sealed Air S.p.A., Messer S.p.A., Ferrarini S.p.A., Effegilab S.r.l., Nano s.r.l.

She has been invited at several seminars including High pressure Pasteurization by the School of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, by the Department of Chemical and Food Engineering, University of Salerno (IT), by the ETH, Zurich, Switzerland, by the Netherlands Institute for Systems Biology (NISB), University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012 National Award for the best innovative Research project on Food Application “Premio Lauro Ferrarini”, 1rst Edition.
2007 National Award for the best innovative Research project on Food Processes “Premio Montana alla Ricerca”, 1rst Edition.
2004 National Award in Innovations and Research activity “Veneto Innovazione” 4th Edition.
2003 International award I.S.A.S.F. 2003 for the best Ph.D. thesis on Supercritical Application during the “6th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids ISSF” (Versailles, France).
Designed by Pfizer Inc as quality expert review of a project concerning the use of supercritical CO2 for sterilization of an active pharmaceutical ingredient to be submitted at EMEA (European Medicines Evaluation Agency).
Nominated as a member of the International Committee of the 14th European Meeting on Supercritical Fluids, Marseille (France), 18-21 May 2014.
Nominated as a reviewer and a member of the tribunal for the final dissertation of PhD students belonging to: Ph

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): A07F4770D40D8A7EF1428486D330318E.pdf

Research areas
The research activity is mainly addresses to the investigation of supercritical CO2 processes, as a low-temperature method of pasteurization for liquid and solid foodstuff, as a novel method for biopolimers production and as an innovative drying technique for food and biological matrixes.

Alcune recenti pubblicazioni, per la lista completa si veda il file allegato

M. Floren, S. Spilimbergo, A. Motta, C. Migliaresi, Carbon Dioxide Induced Silk Protein Gelation for Biomedical Applications, Biomacromoleclues, 2012, 13, 2060-2072
C. Migliaresi, M.L. Floren, S. Spilimbergo, A. Motta, Novel preparation of silk hydrogels under high pressure carbon dioxide, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 2012, Vol. 6, 178
G. Ferrentino, A. Belscak-Cvitanovic, D. Komes, S. Spilimbergo, Supercritical carbon dioxide pasteurization: quality attributes of fresh-cut coconut, Journal of Chemistry, 2013, Article ID 703057.
S. Tamburini, A. Ballarini, G. Ferrentino, P. Foladori, S. Spilimbergo, O. Jousson, Comparison of quantitative PCR and flow cytometry as cellular viability methods to study bacterial membrane permeabilization following supercritical CO2 treatment, Microbiology, 2013, Vol.159, 1056-1066.
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G. Ferrentino, S. Balzan, S. Spilimbergo, Optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide treatment for the inactivation of the natural microbial flora in cubed cooked ham, International Journal of Food Microbiology, 2013, Vol. 3, 189-196.
F. Galvanin, R. De Luca, G. Ferrentino, M. Barolo, S. Spilimbergo, F. Bezzo, Analysis and identification of mathematical models of bacterial inactivation through supercritical CO2 on solid food matrices, Journal of Food Engineering, 2014, Vol. 120, 146-157.
G. Ferrentino, N. Calliari, A. Bertucco, S. Spilimbergo, Validation of a mathematical model for predicting high pressurecarbon dioxide inactivation kinetics of Escherichia coli spiked on fresh cut carrot, Journal of supercritical Fluids, 2014, Vol. 85, 17-23.
L. Manzocco, S. Spilimbergo, A. Ignat, G. Ferrentino, A. Panozzo; G. Mirolo, M. Anese, M.C. Nicoli (2014) Effect of dense-phase CO2 on polyphenoloxidase in model solutions, International Journal of Food Science and Technology, Vol. 49, 1238-1241.
G. Ferrentino, N. Calliari, A. Bertucco, S. Spilimbergo (2014) Validation of a mathematical model for predicting high pressure carbon dioxide inactivation kinetics of Escherichia coli spiked on fresh cut carrot, Journal of supercritical Fluids, Vol. 85, 17-23.
S. Tamburini, P. Foladori, G. Ferrentino, S. Spilimbergo, O. Jousson (2014) Accurate flow cytometric monitoring of Escherichia coli subpopulations on solid food treated with high pressure carbon dioxide, Journal of Applied Microbiology, Vol. 117, 440-450.
S. Tamburini, A. Anesi, G. Ferrentino, S. Spilimbergo, G. Guella, O. Jousson (2014) Supercritical CO2 Induces Marked Changes in Membrane Phospholipids Composition in Escherichia coli K12, Journal of Membrane Biology, Vol. 247, 469-477.
M. Cappelletti, G. Ferrentino, S Spilimbergo, (2014) Supercritical carbon dioxide combined with high power ultrasound: An effective method for the pasteurization

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): A07F4770D40D8A7EF1428486D330318E.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
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AG0058 COMMON AVP7078642 6 2nd Year (2019/20) Second
IN0530 COMMON INP5071558 6 2nd Year (2019/20) Second