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Structure Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
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Proposals for thesis
Thesis proposal:
- design and assessment of sustainable reinforced concrete structures;
- experimental behavior of reinforced concrete structural elements;
- vulnerability assessment of existing structures;
- retrofit interventions on existing structures.

Curriculum Vitae
Flora Faleschini is Assistant Professor of Structural Analysis and Design at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Padova, Italy, from January 2018. Laurea M.Sc., “magna cum laude”, in Environmental Engineering, University of Padova, Italy (2011). Ph.D. in “Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences", University of Padova, Italy (2015). Member of the Professional Society of Civil and Environmental Engineers, Padova, Italy. She holds the course of “Structural Analysis and Design”, at the University of Padova, and she is co-supervisor of several master theses.
Visiting researcher at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC), Barcelona, Spain from 01/02/2013 to 01/10/2013, and from 01/11/2017 to 30/11/2017. Visiting Professor at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris, France, from 10-06-2017 to 20-06-2017.
Member of the fib Task Group 2.5: Bond and Material Models since 2014, and participant in the COST Action TU 1406 “Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level (BridgeSpec)”, WG1 - Performance indicators since 2015. Referee of more than 20 International Journals, Member of the Editorial Board of the Journals “Advances in Civil Engineering”, edited by Hindawi, and of the Journal “American Journal of Construction and Building Materials”, edited by Science Publishing Group.
Author of more than 80 scientific publications, 30 of them in referred ISI/SCOPUS Journals. Co-Author of the book “Sustainability Improvements in the Concrete Industry - Use of Recycled Materials for Structural Concrete Production”, Springer International Publishing, 2016. Invited speaker at several national and international conferences/seminars. Her research activity covers the following topics: use of recycled components for structural materials; reinforced concrete structures design and assessment; seismic assessment of reinforced concrete structures; assessment, rehabilitation, strengthening and retrofit of buildings and bridges.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 9CA17EEB976B4278C4D7FFAD0E79CC04.pdf

Research areas
Research topics: use of recycled components for structural materials; reinforced concrete structures design and assessment; seismic assessment of reinforced concrete structures; assessment, rehabilitation, strengthening and retrofit of buildings and bridges.

A list including 10 among the main papers published in indexed international journal is reported below:

1. Pellegrino C., Cavagnis P., Faleschini F., Brunelli K. (2013). “Properties of concretes with Black/Oxidizing Electric Arc Furnace slag aggregate”, Cement and Concrete Composites, Vol. 37, N. 1, pp. 232-240, ISSN: 0958-9465, doi: 10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2012.09.001.
2. Pellegrino C., Faleschini F. (2013). “Experimental behavior of RC beams with EAF slag as recycled aggregate”, ACI Materials Journal, Vol. 110, N. 2, pp. 197-205, ISSN: 0889-325X.
3. Pellegrino C., Zanini M.A., Faleschini F., Corain L. (2015). “Predicting bond formulations for prestressed concrete elements”, Engineering Structures, Vol. 97, pp. 105-117, ISSN: 0141-0296, doi: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2015.04.013.
4. Faleschini F., Fernández-Ruíz A.M., Zanini M.A., Brunelli K., Pellegrino C., Hernández-Montes E. (2015). “High performance concrete with electric arc furnace slag as aggregate: Mechanical and durability properties”, Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 101, pp. 113-121, ISSN: 0950-0618, doi: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2015.10.022.
5. Faleschini F., Santamaria A., Zanini M.A., San José J.-T., Pellegrino C. (2017). “Bond between steel reinforcement bars and electric arc furnace slag concrete”, Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions, Vol. 50, N. 3, Article N. 170, ISSN: 1359-5997, doi: 10.1617/s11527-017-1038-2.
6. Faleschini F., Hofer L., Zanini M.A., dalla Benetta M., Pellegrino C. (2017). “Experimental behavior of beam-column joints made with EAF concrete under cyclic loading”, Engineering Structures, V. 139, pp. 81-95, ISSN: 0141-0296, doi: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2017.02.038.
7. Faleschini F., Zanini M.A., Hofer L., Zampieri P., Pellegrino C. (2017). “Sustainable management of demolition waste in post-quake recovery processes: The Italian experience”, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Vol. 24, pp. 172-182, ISSN: 2212-4209, doi: 10.1016/j.ijdrr.2017.06.015.
8. Faleschini F., Bragolusi P., Zanini M.A., Zampieri P., Pellegrino C. (2017). “Experimental and numerical investigation on the cyclic behavior of RC beam column joints with EAF slag concrete”, Engineering Structures, Vol. 152, pp. 335-347, ISSN: 0141-0296, doi: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2017.09.022.
9. Zanini M.A., Faleschini F., Pellegrino C. (2017). “Probabilistic seismic risk forecasting of aging bridge networks”, Engineering Structures, Vol. 136, pp. 219-232, ISSN: 0141-0296, doi: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2017.01.029.
10. Faleschini F., Gonzalez-Libreros J., Zanini M.A., Hofer L., Sneed L., Pellegrino C. (2019). “Repair of severely-damaged RC exterior beam-column joints with FRP and FRCM composites”, Composite Structures, Vol. 207, pp. 252-363. ISSN: 0263-8223, doi: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2018.09.059

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 9CA17EEB976B4278C4D7FFAD0E79CC04.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
IN0517 003PD INP5070598 9 2nd Year (2019/20) Second
IN0517 005PD INP5070598 9 2nd Year (2019/20) Second
IN0533 COMMON INN1031298 9 4th Year (2019/20) Second