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Curriculum Vitae
Affiliated to:
Dipartimento Ingegneria Chimica Materiali Ambiente, Sapienza Università di Roma
Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Chimica, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Sapienza Università di Roma
As a contract professor: Corso di Studi in Scienze e Tecnologie Viticole ed Enologiche, Università di Padova
Member of the Scientific Board of the Philosophers’ Degree Programme in Chemical and Process Engineering, Sapienza Università di Roma.


Member of Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC)
Member of Italian Association of Food Technology (AITA)
Member of Biotechnology Working Group of Biotechnology of AIDIC

Research Activity

Research in the area of food, biochemical and environmental engineering
Processes and plants for the production of metabolytes and enzymes by fermentation with yeasts and moulds.
Processes and plants for the production of microalgae and cyanobacteria
Temporal development of macerative (red) winemaking.
Biological treatments of biorecalcitrating agroindustrial wastewaters.
Production technologies of high quality food from vegetal matrices by supercritical fluid extraction.
Separation of microbial biomass by membrane processes.
Extrusion of pasta
Thermal exchange in food

Research in the area of crystallisation and particulate processing:
Formation of crystals;
Crystal breakage in agitated suspensions;
Modelling, simulation and control of industrial crystallisers

Research in the area of Process Monitoring and Control:
Devices and system organisation for the monitoring and control of fermentation and crystallisation plants
Development of inferential control strategies
Development of methods for neuro-fuzzy control
hardware and software sensors.

My research is documented by >90 scientific publications and 2 patents.

Research Projects

PHOTOMEM (FP7 project on: remediation of OOMW by photocatalysisi; Grant Agreement 262470. I am the responsible person inside a research unit under the general responsibility of Prof. A. Chianese. Target of my WP: Recovery of polyphenols from membrane-pretreated process by adsorption processes on resins)
Experimental investigation of hydrodynamic stress and its effects in production processes of microalgae (university-base research project funded by the Italian Ministry of Scientific Research). Responsible of the Research Unit.
WineNet (INTERREG Project between Italy (Regione del Veneto) and Slovenia on: implementation of models for the distributed development of viticulture, oenology and sensory analysis of grape and wine products. Responsible for the optimisation procedure of production models on behalf of the University of Padua)
Miomercato: New processes and technologies in the agro-food area aimed at improving enterprise revenue and consumer purchase value implementing short supply chains (Regione del Veneto, Measure: 124 - cooperation for the development of new products, process and technologies in the agricultural, food, and forestry area). Responsible for the design of novel ecologic packages for fresh products delivery on behalf of the University of Padua.

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
AG0058 COMMON AVP3051938 6 3rd Year (2019/20) First