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Structure Department of Biology
Telephone 0498276307
Qualification Ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo B
Scientific sector BIO/04 - VEGETAL PHYSIOLOGY
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Proposals for thesis
1) Molecular markers for the selection of new rice varieties with an improved salt tolerance.

2) Study of cell-specific pattern of calcium and H2O2 signatures through in vivo imaging.

Curriculum Vitae
6/7/1998 Degree in Biological Science, cum laude
6/2/2002 PhD in Biotechnology
1999, State examination to practice the profession of Biologist
1999 Perl5 programming language
1999 Bologna Summer School (BOSS): Protein sequence analysis in the genomic era
2004 'Piero De Leo' Award
Member of the SIBV
1998, Telethon fellowship on 'Integrated molecular analysis of gene expression in human skeletal muscle' at the CRIBI, Univ. of Padova (Prof. G. Lanfranchi); 2000, 1 month staying to the department of Molecular Genetics of the IBMB in Barcelona, Spain (Prof P. Puigdomenech); 2001, 4 months fellowship on 'Cloning of plant potassium channels' at the CRIBI, Univ. of Padova (Prof. F. Lo Schiavo); 2002-2006: Research Associate fellowship on 'Molecular characterization and physiological regulation of potassium channels in plants' at Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Padova (Prof. F. Lo Schiavo); 2006: 6 months Post-graduate fellowship on 'Characterization of potassium channels in plant cells' at Dept of Biology, Univ. of Padova, (Prof F. Lo Schiavo and Prof. I. Szabò); 2007: 1 year term-contract on 'Isolation and subcellular localization of potassium channels in the rice and durum wheat mitochondria' at BIO-Agromed, Univ. of Foggia (Prof. D. Pastore); 2008: 10 months Research and Advanced Training Fellowship on 'Study of the K+ channels in Vitis vinifera in order to improve the nutrients uptake and the properties of wine' at CIB, (Prof. F. Lo Schiavo); 2009: 1 year post-graduate fellowship on 'Functional characterization of plant mitochondria' at Dept of Biology, Univ. of Padova (Prof. I. Szabò); 2010: 3 months term-contract at BIO-Agromed, Univ. of Foggia (Prof. D. Pastore); 2010: 6 months Research Associate fellowship on 'Plant mitochondrial ion channels: electrophysiological characterization, bioenergetics and functionality' at Dept of Biology, Univ. of Padova (Prof. I. Szabò); 2012: 2 years Research Associate fellowship on 'Analysis of ion transport and study of signalling pathways in salt stress tolerance in Italian rice cultivars' at Dept of Biology, Univ. of Padova (Prof. F. Lo Schiavo); 2014: 2 months contract at Dept of Biology, Univ. of Padova (Prof. F. Lo Schiavo); 2014: 17 months Research Associate fellowship on 'Gene expression studies through novel mutagenesis approaches in Vitis vinifera' at CREA-VIT Conegliano (TV) (Dr M. Crespan); 2015-16: Adjunct Professor in Plant Biology (BIO/04) at Dept. of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Univ. of Ferrara. March-June 2017: Visiting Scholar at UCR (USA) and training in TRAPseq and INTACT techniques. Presently, Assistant Professor in Plant Physiology at the Department of Biology of the University of Padua.
Elide Formentin has an extensive and documented experience in Plant Molecular and Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Biochemistry. She is involved in various studies on the physiology of plant stress (salt and oxidative) response, both at single cell and whole plant level, in model organisms (Arabidopsis, carrot) and important crop plants (rice, wheat, grape). Thanks to her experience in different laboratories, she owns a multidisciplinary expertise: TRAPseq and INTACT techniques, RNA profiling by NGS, bioinformatics analysis of –omics data, plants and protoplasts transformation, confocal microscopy, signal molecules analysis by imaging and biochemistry, organellar ion channels characterization.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 88285AE9EB339F00B8B245F72638578E.pdf

Research areas
Crop resilience in a changing environment through the selection of tolerance mechanisms.

Calcium and ROS signalling in response to abiotic stresses.

Cell-type specific transcriptomics in rice roots.


Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 88285AE9EB339F00B8B245F72638578E.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
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SC1165 COMMON SCP8084957 6 3rd Year (2019/20) First
SC1731 COMMON SCP9088066 6 1st Year (2019/20) Second