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Structure Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology
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Notice and additional information
Research lines for PhD students:
a) As regards counseling and career counselling, research efforts are directed toward the study of variables and processes in Life Design model, setting up of instruments, planning of interventions programs and their verification:
- Analysis of the relationship between adaptability, orientation to the future, hope and optimism in adolescents, young adults and people with vulnerability;
- Development and efficacy verification of interventions aimed at promoting Life Design contruction in children and adolescents;
- Analysis of the concept of work, decent work, courage;
- Development of qualitative and quantitative procedures;
- Interventions of career counseling and career education.
b) As regards psychology of disability, research efforts are directed toward inclusion processes of individuals with disability:
- Hope, optimism, resilience, courage in parents and their children;
- Social skills and inclusion processes;
- Analysis of the attitudes of children, adolescents, parents and teachers towards inclusion;
- Analysis of the attitudes of employers and colleagues towards work inclusion;
- Development and eficacy verification of programs to increase positive attitudes, solidarity and altruism;
- Career counseling for persons with disability;
- Positive psychology, counseling and disability.

Office hours
Monday from 11:00 to 13:00 presso lo studio della docente in Via Venezia 14 (III piano stanza 14/a) Il ricevimento di lunedì 27 maggio è anticipato alle ore 9.30 e durerà fino alle ore 11.00.
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Proposals for thesis
Tesi proposte da concordare in sede di ricevimento:
- analisi della relazione fra adaptability, orientamento al futuro, speranza e ottimismo in adolescenti e giovani adulti;
- prontezza professionale, adaptability, speranza, ottimismo e resilienza in adulti che stanno sperimentando sotto-occupazione e disoccupazione;
- messa a punto e verifica dell’efficacia di interventi finalizzati a favorire conoscenze professionali e capacità di progettazione professionale in bambini e adolescenti;
- analisi del concetto di lavoro, di prestigio e di progetto professionale;
- speranza, ottimismo, resilienza in genitori e nei loro figli;
- abilità sociali e processi di inclusione;
- analisi degli atteggiamenti di soggetti in età evolutiva, genitori e insegnanti nei confronti dell’inserimento scolastico;
- analisi degli atteggiamenti di datori di lavoro e colleghi nei confronti dell’inserimento lavorativo;
- messa a punto e verifica di programmi di incremento di atteggiamenti positivi, della solidarietà e dell’altruismo;
- psicologia positiva, counseling e disabilità.

Curriculum Vitae
She is Professor of Psychological counseling for the inclusion of disabilities and social discomfort and of Career construction and career counselling at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology. She is Delegate of the Rector for Disability and Inclusion.
She is Director of the Laboratory for Research and Intervention in Vocational Designing and Career Counselling, Director of the University Centre for Research and Services on Disability, Rehabilitation and Inclusion, and Director of the post-graduate Master Course “Inclusion and social innovation” (2018/2019).
She received an award in 2012 from Society of Counseling Psychology SCP International Section (APA) - International Scholar, in 2013 from CDQ (Career Development Quarterly) for Outstanding Article of 2012, in 2015 from Emerald Literati Network Awards for Outstanding Author Contribution.
Member of Executive Board:
- President of the Italian Society on Vocational Guidance (SIO)
- President of the European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling
- Division 16 - International Association of Applied Psychology
- European Society in Family Relation
Member of Editorial Board:
- Editor of the Italian Journal of Vocational Psychology (1999-2013, PsycInfo)
- Associate Editor of the Italian Journal of Disability (2000-2010; PsycInfo)
- Associate Editor of the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance
- Journal of Vocational Behavior
- Journal of Career Development
Coordination Activities in the Italian Network University training in Vocational Guidance.
Member of Steering Committee in European Projects:
- Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling (Erasmus NICE; 2009-2012
- Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling - program2 (Erasmus NICE2; 2013-2015
- Scientific Coordinator of the European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling (2014-2017)
- Counselling for Refugee and Migrant Integration into the Labour Market (CMinaR; 2016-2019)
Participation in international research groups:
- Life Design International Research Group
- The Career Adaptability International Collaborative
- International Hope Research Team - IHRT
- University Network for Innovation in Guidance Erasmus-NICE
- Courage research group
- Special Task Group 'Globalization' of Division 17 APA
- Project UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme (Scientific Coordinator for Italy) UNESCO Chair on Life Long Guidance and Counseling
- International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance
- International Section of Counseling Psychology, Division 17, American Psychological Association
- Society for Vocational Psychology
- Counseling Psychology, Division 16 of the International Association of Applied Psychology

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 872213E2C4A150DEF30F72364238FDFA.pdf

Research areas
Research areas
As regards Vocational Psychology and Career Counselling:
- Parents support, adolescents future orientation and investment in education
- Relationships between adaptability, hope, optimism, and time perspective in adults with and without disability;
- Training to increase adaptability, hope and optimism toward the future for children, adolescents and adults;
- Concept of work, courage and career construction;
- Qualitative and quantitative procedures for career counselling;
- Career education inclusion and sustainability.

As regards Psychology of Disability and Inclusion:
- Social skills and inclusion;
- Attitudes towards disability and school inclusion of children, parents and teachers;
- Attitudes towards disability and work inclusion of employer and colleagues;
- Development of programs to increase positive attitudes, solidarity and altruism to favour school and social inclusion;
- Procedures and instruments for career counselling and work inclusion of persons with disability;
- Positive psychology, counselling and disability.

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Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 872213E2C4A150DEF30F72364238FDFA.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
PS1087 COMMON PSP3049652 6 1st Year First
PS1085 COMMON PSP8082982 6 2nd Year Second
PS1090 COMMON PSO2043577 6 1st Year Second
PS1842 COMMON PSP3050504 6 3rd Year First