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Structure Department of Economics and Management
Telephone 0498274003
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Scientific sector SECS-P/02 - POLITICA ECONOMICA
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Office hours
Stanza (Room) n. 11 (II piano, II floor), Via del Santo 22, Ca' Borin Nord (lato Emeroteca) Il ricevimento viene svolto su appuntamento. Quindi, si prega di concordare giorno e ora del ricevimento col docente, utilizzando il seguente indirizzo di posta elettronica:

Office hours: by appointment. This means professor meets students as needed. Please, use the following e-mail address to set up a time:
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Proposals for thesis
Lo studente interessato può concordare con il docente tesi su argomenti riguardanti:

- Crescita economica
- Capitale umano
- Mercato del lavoro
- Economia ambientale

Curriculum Vitae

University of Pisa (Italy)
B.Sc. in Economics.
Summa Cum Laude.

January 2004-December 2004
University of Wisconsin at Madison (USA)
Honorary Fellow (Supervisor: Prof. Steven Durlauf).

2003- 2007
Ph.D. School “Leonardo Fibonacci”
University of Pisa
Ph.D. in Economics
Dissertation: “Essays on Human Capital and Economic Growth”.

Research interests

Human Capital, Environmental Economics, Political Economy and Applied Econometrics (panel data analyses, nonparametric and semi-parametric methods).

Grants and Scholarships

- Scholarship, University of Pisa (Italy, 1995-96).

- Ph.D. Scholarship, University of Pisa (Italy, 2003-2006)

- Fellowship, University of Wisconsin (USA, 2004).

- Expert in Economics at the University of Pisa (Italy, 2006)

November 2015-Today: Associate Professor of Economic Policy (SECS-P/02) (University of Padua, Dept. of Management and Economic Science “Marco Fanno”)

March 2009: Assistant Professor of Economics (University of Padua, Dept. of Management and Economic Science “Marco Fanno”, Faculty of Political Science)

2009: Member of CICSE (Centro Interuniversitario Crescita & Sviluppo Economico).

2006-2008: Teaching Assistent in Macroeconomics (Prof. Carlo Casarosa), at the Faculty of Economics (University of Pisa).

2005-2007: Professor at the Superior School for Linguistic Mediators (SSML) (Via Santa Maria 155, Pisa).

Referee for

The Berkley Electronic Journal of Macroeconomics, Economics Letters, The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Manchester School, The Journal of Socio-Economics, Review of Education Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Metroeconomica, European Journal of Political Economy, International Review of Applied Economics, The British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

Recent conferences

June 2011-EEFS-London

June 2011-APET-Bloomington (Indiana, USA)

August 2011-EEA-Oslo

January 2012-Workshop on Human Trafficking (Goettingen, Germania)

July 2012-Workshop on Political Economy (Silvaplana, Switzerland)

January 2013-Seminar University of Piraeus (Athens, Greece)

April 2013 EPCS Conference (Zurich, Switzerland)

May 2013-Seminar Imperial College of London (UK)

May 2013-Workshop on Macroeconomics and Development (Rimini, Italy)

September 2013-Structural Change, Dynamics, and Economic Growth (Livorno, Italy).

April 2014-Prague Conference on Political Economy (Prague, Czech Republic)

October 2014-Associazione Italiana di Economia Sanitaria - AIES (Venezia, Italy)

May 2016-Seminar at the Stevens Institute of Technology (New York, USA)

June 2016-IMAEF 2016 (Corfu, Greece)

Foreign Languages

English (fluent)

Spanish (advanced)

French (school level)


Operative Systems: Windows and Mac. Software: Office, Lotus, Macromedia and many others.
Economic and econometric softwares: Stata, Mathematica, R. Internet tools.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 7FCB3E90331E9F57F6F540E880FBD850.pdf

Research areas
- Crescita economica
- Capitale umano e mercato del lavoro
- Economia applicata
- Analisi non parametriche e semi-parametriche

“Incubation matters. Measuring the effect of business incubators on the innovation performance of start-ups” (with R. Apa, R. Grandinetti, and S.R. Sedita). R&D Management (forthcoming, doi:10.1111/radm.12321)

“Electoral Campaigns and the Cost of Unpopularity” (with F. Pavesi) (mentioned by the Royal Economic Society as paper of particular scientific interest), Economic Inquiry, October 2017, 55(4), 1771–1791.

“The Tree of Political Violence: A GMERT Analysis” (with R. Caruso and F. Schneider) Empirical Economics, January, 2017: pp 1-12, doi:10.1007/s00181-016-1214-1.

“Family Businesses in Eastern European Countries: How Informal Payments Affect Export” (with L. Dal Maso and N. Lattanzi) Journal of Family Business Strategy, 2015, 6(4), pp 219–233.

“Environmental Quality and Income Dynamics: What does the Global Evidence Tell Us?” (with Nikos Benos and Stelios Karagiannis) Environmental and Resource Economics, 2013, Volume 54(1), pp 101-125

“A note on intergenerational schooling mobility” Review of European Studies, 2012, Volume 4(4), pp 121-127, 2012.

“Education As a Social Agreement” Journal of Socio-Economics, 2012, 41, pp 8-17.

“Human Capital, International Trade and Technology Diffusion” Economia Politica - Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics, 2010, XXVII(2), pp 329-349.

“Trading Knowledge” Journal of Computational Optimization in Economics and Finance, JCOEF, 2009, 1(2), pp 75-92.

Human Capital and Economic Growth: A Selective Survey in Thomas Bassetti and Filippo Pavesi (eds.), Economics at Work - Essays on Knowledge, Information and Social Interactions, MUP- Parma (Italy), 2013.

Education and Poverty in a Solow Growth Model in Neri Salvadori and Arrigo Opocher (eds.), Long-run Growth and the Standard of Life, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009.

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
EP2093 COMMON EPP4064627 10 2nd Year (2019/20) First
SC2095 COMMON SCP4063698 9 3rd Year (2019/20) First
EP2093 COMMON EPP4064627 10 2nd Year (2019/20) First
SC2095 COMMON SCP4063698 9 3rd Year (2019/20) First
EP2093 COMMON EPP4064803 6 3rd Year (2019/20) First