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Structure Department of Industrial Engineering
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Proposals for thesis
1. Aree umide (Salzano, Coccobello): modelli di abbattimento, stime dei tempi di residenza
2. Valle Vecchia, az Agricola- Analisi statistica di dati di qualità dell’acqua e salinità. + modello gw N.P flussi salinity
3.. Area umida di Monselice: modelli di abbattimento, stime dei tempi di residenza

4. Modelli di WQ nel Piovego.

5. Confronto automatizzato di foto aeree in diversi anni in laguna per identificare trend erosivi e areali di barene persi.
6. modelli numerici in laguna di Venezia (sequestro C ed N)

7. Modello produzione gas in discarica

8. VIA-Risk Analysis per pec/pnec utilizzando AQUATOX (PFAS)
9. LCA per diversi cicli/processi industriali

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Palmeri's field of expertise is in ecological engineering and related information technologies. He specializes in GIS based Environmental Modelling, Water Resources Management, Water Quality and Environmental Impact Assessment. He has designed and implemented several research projects in these fields. Since 1996, he has undertaken consultancies for the Italian Environmental Protection Agency at the national and regional levels; the United Nations; the European Commission and several other public and private sector institutions. He is an active researcher in the field of Thermodynamics and Theoretical Ecology. He is lecturer at the School of Environmental Engineering of the University of Padua for the courses “Modeling and Control of Environmental Systems”, “Ecotoxicology” and “Life Cycle and Environmental Impact Assessment”. Dr. Palmeri has been member of the Editorial Board of the international Journals “Ecological Modeling” and “Ecological Indicators”, of the European chapter of the International Society of Ecological Modeling (ISEM) and of the European Water Resources Association (EWRA). He is member and founder of the Italian Group of Sanitary Environmental Engineers Association (GITISA).

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 793537925173C6B7EE35D0DB54BFD210.pdf

Research areas
cological engineering and related information technologies
GIS based Environmental Modelling
Water Resources Management
Water Quality
Environmental Impact Assessment.
Research projects design and implementation

[1] Damiano Baldan and Luca Palmeri. Linee guida per un’economia circolare nella manutenzione del verde. CLEUP, PADOVA, 2019.
[2] Andrea Gredelj, Carlo Nicoletto, Sara Valsecchi, Claudia Ferrario, Stefano Polesello, Roberto Lava, Francesca Zanon, Alberto Barausse, Luca Palmeri, Laura Guidolin, and Marco Bonato. Uptake and translocation of perfluoroalkyl acids (pfaa) in red chicory (cichorium intybus l.) under various treatments with pre-contaminated soil and irrigation water. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 2019.
[3] Andrea Gredelj, Alberto Barausse, Laura Grechi, and Luca Palmeri. Deriving predicted no-effect concentrations (pnecs) for emerging contaminants in the river po, italy, using three approaches: assessment factor, species sensitivity distribution and aquatox ecosystem modelling. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, 119:66--78, 2018.
[4] Alberto Bisson, Zeno Lucchese, FRANCINE CHANTAL TCHAMALEU PANGOP, Simonetta Cola, Luca Schenato, and Luca Palmeri. Studio delle prestazioni meccaniche degli ancoraggi compositi mediante tecnica ofdr. In Atti iagig 2018, 128--131, , , 2018.
[5] Laura Grechi, Antonio Franco, Luca Palmeri, Alberto Pivato, and Alberto Barausse. An ecosystem model of the lower po river for use in ecological risk assessment of xenobiotics. ECOLOGICAL MODELLING, 332:42--58, 2016.
[6] Eliana Pecorari, Alice Mantovani, Chiara Franceschini, Davide Bassano, Luca Palmeri, and Giancarlo Rampazzo. Analysis of the effects of meteorology on aircraft exhaust dispersion and deposition using a lagrangian particle model. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 541:839--856, 2016.
[7] Alberto Pivato, Roberto Raga, MARIA CRISTINA Lavagnolo, Stefano Vanin, Alberto Barausse, Luca Palmeri, and Raffaello Cossu. Assessment of compost dosage in farmland through ecotoxicological tests. JOURNAL OF MATERIAL CYCLES AND WASTE MANAGEMENT, 2016.
[8] Matteo Simonetto, Alberto Barausse, N. Chaniotou, Alessandro Manzardo, Luca Palmeri, and Antonio Scipioni. Economic assessment of recreational ecosystem services affected by the rehabilitation project of a finnish river. In International scientific conference: the ecosystem services of urban rivers. book of abstracts, , , 2016.
[9] Alberto Barausse, Laura Grechi, Nevenka Martinello, Tommaso Musner, D Smania, A Zangaglia, and Luca Palmeri. An integrated approach to prevent the erosion of salt marshes in the lagoon of venice. EQA, 18:43--54, 2015.
[10] Alberto Pivato, Alberto Barausse, Zecchinato Francesco, Luca Palmeri, Roberto Raga, MARIA CRISTINA Lavagnolo, and Raffaello Cossu. An integrated model-based approach to the risk assessment of pesticide drift from vineyards. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 111:136--150, 2015.
[11] Polizzi Cecilia, Matteo Simonetto, Alberto Barausse, Chaniotou Ninetta, Känkänen Riina, Keränen Silja, Alessandro Manzardo, Mustajärvi Kaisa, Luca Palmeri, and Antonio Scipioni. Is ecosystem restoration worth the effort? the rehabilitation of a finnish river affects recreational ecosystem services. ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, 2015.
[12] Alberto Barausse and Luca Palmeri. A comparative analysis of trophic structure and functioning in large-scale mediterranean marine ecosystems.. SPRINGER, 2014.
[13] Luca Palmeri, Nevenka Martinello, Alberto Barausse, Tommaso Musner, D. Smania, and Laura Grechi. Life vimine - an integrated approach to the sustainable conservation of intertidal salt marshes in the lagoon of venice. In Proceedings, , , 2014.

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
IN1825 001PD INO2043821 6 2nd Year (2019/20) First
IN1825 001PD INL1000693 6 2nd Year (2019/20) First