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Structure Department of Industrial Engineering
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Notice and additional information
Corso di CHIMICA - Laurea Triennale in Ingegneria per l'Ambiente ed il Territorio (I anno - 12CFU)

Il corso di Chimica si propone di fornire una descrizione dei fenomeni fondamentali della chimica e delle leggi che li regolano, correlando gli aspetti chimico-fisici della materia (elettronici, termodinamici, cinetici) con le sue proprietà. L'attività comprende inoltre la soluzione di esercizi e problemi riguardanti gli argomenti principali della stechiometria, dell'equilibrio chimico e dell'elettrochimica.

Office hours
Friday from 10:00 to 12:00 Studio del docente
(updated on 29/11/2013 09:35)

Proposals for thesis
The proposed theses can involve students of the first-cycle (bachelor) degree courses in Chemical and Materials Engineering, Environmental and Land Planning Engineering, Chemistry*, Industrial Chemistry*, and Materials Science*, and students of second-cycle (master) degree courses in Chemical and Industrial Processes Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry*, Industrial Chemistry* and Materials Science* and single-cycle degree courses in Pharmacy* and Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies*. They cover the following topics:

- Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes with isocyanide, carbene and phosphine ligands for applications in catalysis (e.g. in organic oxidation reactions)

- Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes with nitrile, isocyanide and amine ligands for bioinorganic applications (e.g. development of anticancer compounds)

- Synthesis and characterization of transition metal or magnetic oxides nanoparticles for biological applications (e.g. in magnetic hyperthermia) or removal of pollutants from water (e.g. by adsorption or photocatalysis)

*Students of these degree programs will develop a thesis in collaboration with a thesis supervisor from their respective departments.

Curriculum Vitae
- 2015-today - Associate Professor (SSD CHIM/07) at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Padova.
- 2007-2015 - Researcher (SSD CHIM/07) at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Padova.
- 2004-2006 – PhD in Chemical Science at the Chemical Sciences Department and the Chemical Processes for Engineering Department of the University of Padova.
- 2003 – Master Degree in Chemistry (cum laude) at the University of Padova.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 6FA27967C070F9DB590F44E0278B65EA.pdf

Research areas
The main research topics are:

- Synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes (Pt (II), Pd (II), Cu(II) and Au (I)) for applications in catalysis, supramolecular chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry.

- Synthesis, coordination and reactivity of functionalized isocyanide and nitrile ligands.

- Synthesis and coordination of phosphine ligands, also water-soluble.

- Synthesis and functionalization of transition metal and metal oxides nanoparticles for applications in hyperthermia, drug delivery, and photocatalysis.

ORCID: 0000-0002-0938-953X
Scopus Author ID: 6507710214

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Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 6FA27967C070F9DB590F44E0278B65EA.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
IN0506 COMMON IN03122522 6 1st Year (2019/20) First
IN0510 001PD IN13101111 12 1st Year (2019/20) First