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Proposals for thesis
The stay in my laboratory will be connected with the planning, the synthesis, the chemical characterization of organic compounds with antitumor properties.
The student will learn how to plan a new chemical compound/drug candidate (reasoning on the properties of small organic molecules and of large molecules as nucleic acids or proteins), how to synthesize the planned compound (also using the databases and the chemical literature), the analytical methods needed to follow the reaction progress and characterize the compounds and how to discuss the biochemical/biological data with other scientists

Curriculum Vitae
Giuseppe Zagotto got his laurea in Padua in 1982. In the same year he started his first job at the "Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici", a Pharmaceutical Company. This job lasted seven years and his final research position was of project leader. FIS presently has a total capacity of about 800 cubic meters (200,000 gallons). FDA inspected since 1964 and totally GMP-compliant, FIS offers a wide range of high quality, fully certified pharmaceutical active ingredients. Then he worked one year in an Official Food Control Laboratory in Vicenza (Italy). In this position he analyzed mainly foods and drinkable waters. Since 1990 he is professor, assistant and then associate (2000), of Medicinal Chemistry at Padua University, Italy. He is now teaching three classes: 2 Medicinal Chemistry courses and a course on the chemical synthesis of drugs. Member of the Italian Chemical Society he was secretary for it in Veneto region for six years. He is member of the board in charge for the libraries of the University of Padua. His activity was always connected with the synthesis, the purification and the characterization of organic compounds. His research interests are actually toward: anticancer agents, telomerase and topoisomerase inhibitors, aloe derivatives and kinase inhibitors. He spent one year in UK working with Prof. Michael North synthesizing conformationally constrained peptides.
Actualy he is teaching the following courses:
"Medicinal chemistry" for Chemistry students
"Medicinal Chemistry and Toxycology - Part II" for Pharmacy students
"Analytical chemistry of Drugs and drug formulations" for CTF students

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 69E861A25C7A4E8B362B6904FAFA7289.pdf

Research areas
My research activity has always been connected with the design, the synthesis, the purification and the characterization of organic compounds. Currently our research interests are focused towards two main streams: anticancer and cardiovascular systems. For what concerns the first topic, we are pursuing multiple strategies to develop novel potential anticancer agents. Besides targeting some of the traditional proteins known to play a role in the development and progression of the disease, such as topoisomerase, telomerase and CK2, we recently started to investigate the field of new generation potential anticancer agents such as protein phospatase 2A (PP2A) activators. To better understand how some of the compounds exploit their action at a molecular level, we are also developing small molecules to be used as chemical probes for the investigation of non-canonical arrangements of nucleic acids and macromolecules in general. Besides anticancer, we are also interested in the search for novel phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors that may have a number of potential application, from the treatment of erectile dysfunction to pulmonary hypertension. Concerning this topic, we design and develop the synthetic schemes with a particular eye to the world of the compounds of a natural origin

See the attached pdf file for pubblications done in the last 10 years.

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Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 69E861A25C7A4E8B362B6904FAFA7289.pdf

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