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Curriculum Vitae
Prof. Paolo Canu
Born 1961

• Full Professor of Applied Physical-Chemistry - University of Padua (Engineering Faculty), 2006
• Associate Professor, University of Padua (Engineering Faculty), 1998
• Lecturer, University of Padua (Engineering Faculty), 1994
• Process Eng. in an Environmental Engineering R&D company, 1992
• PhD in Chemistry at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa in 1992, studying and researching in Pisa, Milan, and United States (UW-Madison).
• Chemical Engineering bachelor at Politecnico di Milano, 1986

Since 1994, research and teaching at the Chemical Plants Dept. (now DII), University of Padua (Engineering Faculty), beginning new experimental and theoretical investigations, contributing to several fundamental and applied courses, tutoring more than 150 Bachelor and 15 PhD Theses.

Research activity: applied kinetics, with special interest on multiphase reactors (mostly fluid-solids interfaces). Both experimental and theoretical (modeling) methods are routinely used and combined. Interest focuses on the combination of detailed surface chemistry (microkinetics approach) and complex flow modeling through CFD, mostly on catalytic applications.

To date, more that 120 papers have been published, mostly on international peer-reviewed journals, including contribution to edited books as well as two textbooks (Applied Physical-Chemistry and Chemical Eng.Thermodynamics).

Several research projects have been coordinated, mostly involving industrial partners and addressing innovation in real applications.

Teaching is in the Chemical Engineering, Material, Environmental, and Energy curricula.
Current courses: ‘Chemical Reaction Engineering’ and ‘Combustion’

Former Coordinator of the School of Chemical Engineering in Padua (2006-2010).

Research areas
Chemical Reaction Engineering, often involving several phase (S/L/G), through experimental and modelling approaches.
Specific applications in the fields:

- Catalysis, both for synthetic chemistry (e.g. H2, H2O2, syngas production), and emissions treatment (internal combustion engines, industrial processes, solids combustion)
- Electrocatalysis at high temperature (solid oxides fuel cells and electrolyzers)
- Partial and total oxidation processes, to exploit chemical and energy potential of unconventional fuels, including industrial wastes
- Particle technology. Properties characterization with emphasis on flowability; unit operations; experiments and modelling up to 3D. Research supporting Prof. A. Santomaso.

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