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Curriculum Vitae
From his initial research activity with UV photoelectron spectroscopy and quantum mechanical calculation of carbonyl clusters in 1989, thanks to his stay at the IBM research institute in Almaden (California-USA), he acquired the skills for the analysis of surfaces (technical XPS, SIMS, AFM) and in 1996 began the collaboration with physical colleagues in the interpretation of the phenomena that occur as a result of the ion implantation and chemically investigates by XPS spectroscopy and synchrotron light) the reactivity of silica-implanted metal ions.
In fact, the different chemical reactivity of the individual atoms and their small (nanometric) clusters in a silica neighborhood compared to what is known in the chemistry of larger systems is also highlighted by these research. of the research dialogue between the chemical and the physical in order to explain the phenomena that occur.
The phenomena identified by silica ion implantation are also present in artistic glasses / ceramics of De Ruta of the XVth Century, manufactured by thermal treatment of coatings containing metal salts and silica in furnaces with reducing atmosphere; here also begins his interest in cultural heritage. In 1997 he was the winner of the "Philip Morris" award for the original and significant scientific contribution of his research activity in the field of historical-artistic stained glass.
Since then he has continued to develop investigations on the chemistry of glass (with or without grisailles) and of historical ceramics and protective coatings (with a thickness between 1 nm and 1μm) to consolidate them. In this regard, the candidate has taken care of the synthesis chemistry of silicon derivatives and has succeeded in developing two patents that provide for the deposition of an organic coating (consisting of silicon alkoxides) which, reacting with the humidity, turns into silica at room temperature, this is a method known as sol-gel, but the catalyst has been completely changed (operating at neutral pH) and the research is continuing with the synthesis of a new silica precursor (silazanes). One of the patents gave birth to the spin-off company SILTEA s.r.l. In the field of analysis techniques he is taking care of the further development of the UV-Vis Imaging Spectroscopy analysis technology for the analysis of artistic artifacts.
Since 1998 he has been a member of the scientific committee of the Science and Cultural Heritage Convention in Bressanone and the related journal. Since 2001 he is a member of the international commission TC19 for the evaluation of the best technologies for the investigation of glass and its degradation.
Since 1998 he is member of the scientific committee of the Science and Cultural Heritage Congress in Bressanone and the related journal. Since 2001 he is a member of the international commission TC19 for the evaluation of the best technologies for the investigation of glass and its degradation.

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