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Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00
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Curriculum Vitae
Antonio Nicolò is Professor of Economic Theory at the University of Padova and affiliated to the University of Manchester. He received his BSc in Economics from Università Bocconi in Milan and his MSc and PhD, both in Economics, from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He had visiting positions in several institutions, the European University Institute (Fernand Braudel fellowship May-June 2013) the department of Economics at the University of Chicago and the Becker-Friedman Institute (April-June 2012), the department of Economics of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (December 2011- February 2012) and the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin (October-November 2011). He is currently Deputy President of the Association of Southern European Economic Theorists (elected President 2019-2020). He is one of the editors f The Manchester School, corresponding editor of Theory and Decision, and member of the Editorial Board of Mathematical Social Sciences.

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 6395A4795435112817E72EAA8561ABB2.pdf

Research areas
His main research interests are on mechanism Design, Social Choice, Political Economy, matching theory, and experimental economics. He is has worked on collective decision problems of provision of public goods, and more recently on the design of allocation of indivisible goods without using prices in particular on the design of algorithms to efficiently allocate kidneys to patients waiting for a transplants. His current works aim to understand social phenomena like the raise of political extremism, or the gender gap in labor markets.


1. Information and targeted spending (with J.X.Eguia) forthcoming, Theoretical Economics.
2. Back Scratching in Hierarchical Organizations (with N. Montinari and V. Maggian), The Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, 34, 2, 133–161, 2018.
3. Equilibrium Selection in Sequential Games with Imperfect Information (with J. Eguia, A. Llorente-Saguer and R. Morton), Games and Economic Behavior, 109, 465-483, 2018.
4. Corruption, intrinsic motivation, and the love of praise (with A. Dhillon and F. Xu), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 19 (6), 1077–1098, 2017.
5. Divide and compromise (with R. Velez), Mathematical Social Sciences, special issue in honour of Prof. Hervé Moulin. vol. 90, 100-110, 2017.
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7. The Gift of Being Chosen (with N. Montinari and R. Oexel), Experimental Economics, 19, 2, 460–479, 2016.
8. On Cost Sharing in the Provision of a Binary and Excludable Public Good (with J. Massò, A. Sen, T. Sharma , L. Ülkü). Journal of Economic Theory, 155, 30–49, 2015.
9. Elections and Deceptions: An Experimental Study on the Behavioral Effects of Democracy (with L- Corazzini, S. Kube and M. Marechal) American Journal of Political Science, 58, 3, 579–592, 2014.
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18. Strategic Divide and Choose (with Yan Yu), Games and Economic Behavior, 64, 268-289, 2008.
19. Credit Derivatives, Capital Requirements and Opaque OTC Markets (with Loriana Pelizzon), Journal of Financial Intermediation, 17, 444-463, 2008. Best Paper Published in JFI, 2008.
20. Monotonicity and Equal-Opportunity Equivalence in Bargaining (with Andres Perea), Mathematical Social Sciences, 49, 221-243, 2005.
21. Stable assignment of public facilities under congestion, (with Anna Bogomolnaia), Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol. 7, 63-95, 2005.
22. The Strategy-Proof Provision of Public Goods under Congestion and Crowding Preferences (with Matthew O. Jackson), Journal of Economic Theory, vol.115 (2), 278-308, 2004.
23. Efficiency and Truthfulness with Leontief Preferences. A Note on Two-agent Two-good Economies, Review of Economic Design, vol.8 (4), 373-382, 2004.

Chapters in Books

1. On the distribution of particularistic goods, in eds. Caballero and N. Schofield,

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EP2423 002PD EPP7077978 6 1st Year (2019/20) Second
EP2422 COMMON EPP8082981 6 2nd Year (2019/20) Second
EP2093 COMMON EPP4063688 10 1st Year (2019/20) Second