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Structure Department of Physics and Astronomy
Qualification Contratto per attivita' di insegnamento, L. 240/10
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Monday from 08:00 to 09:00 stanza 254 dip fisica via marzolo 8 contatto email per appuntamento
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Curriculum Vitae
Education - Employment:

- Laurea Degree (May 1986) Physics, University of Roma “La Sapienza”

(laurea Summa cum laude) Supervisor: Prof. M. Conversi

- Student Associate at Cern and Brookhaven National Laboratory (1985 - 1986)

- CERN fellow (1987 – 1988) ; Supervisors: Prof. C. Rubbia, M. Ferro-Luzzi

- Associate Scientist at Legnaro National Laboratory (1989 – 1992)

- Researcher at INFN Sezione di Padova (1993 – 2002 )

- Visiting Scientist at Paul Scherrer Institute ( PSI – Zurich) (1993 – 1994 )

- Visiting Scientist at CERN under European Contract provided by Prof. G. Charpak (1996)

- 1° Researcher at INFN Padova (2002 – 2014)

- Associate Professor Padova University ( 2014 )

Teaching Experience :

- 1993 – 2006 Supervisor of Graduate And Undergraduate Student at Padova University ,

Physics Department

- 2001 – 2004 Professor of “Physical Principles in Medical Diagnostics “

at Padova University, Physics Department

- 2010 – 2015 Professor of “Instrumental Techniques in Modern Physics “

at Padova University, Physics Department

Achievements :

High Energy Physics and Quantum Vacuum :

- Experimental search for neutrino decay (CERN) and neutrino oscillation (Brookhaven)

- Measurement of the branching ratio of the pion radiative decay ( PSI Zurich)

- Search for the double beta decay in Molybdenum ( Gran Sasso Nat. Lab.)

- Development of an experiment to measure scattering of light by a magnetic field ( Legnaro Nat. Lab.)

- First Measurement of the Casimir Effect in parallel plate configuration (LNL)

- Dissipative Effect in Quantum Vacuum ( LNL )

Condensed Matter and Instrumental Physics :

- Infrared Emission from crystals under 100 KeV electrons excitation

- Study of the infrared emission of Xenon Excimer molecules

- Electron tunnelling from liquid – gas interface

- Infrared emission from drifting electrons in gas under electric field

- Development of purification technique for gaseous and liquid materials

- Realization of a High pressure Xenon Time Projection Chamber for medical application

- Study of anomalous solubility of Xenon in liquid Argon environment

- Photon Polarization Study from thin metallic wire

- High Voltage Generation through Laser system

Present Fields of research :

- Experimental study of the thermal correction to the Casimir effect in parallel plate configuration

- Experimental search for vacuum dissipation via photon creation in a resonant microwave .

- Optical Activated Media for Particle Detection

- Axion Dark Matter Search through Ferrimagnetic Resonance

- Microwave and THz generation via Non Linear Optical Pumping

- Study of electronic parameters of low temperature growing GaAs at cryogenic temperature

Lista delle 10 pubblicazioni piu significative:

1. Axion dark matter detection by laser spectroscopy of ultracold molecular oxygen: a proposal
Santamaria L.; Braggio C.; Carugno G et al.
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume 17 , Article Number 113025 , Nov. 2015

2. Optomechanical Rydberg-Atom Excitation via Dynamic Casimir-Polder Coupling
Antezza M., Braggio C., Carugno G et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS ,113 , 023601 ( 2014 )

3. The measurement of a single-mode thermal field with a microwave cavity parametric amplifier
Braggio C., Carugno G., Della Valle F., et al.
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 15 Article Number: 013044 , JAN 18 2013

4. Polarized thermal emission by thin metal wires
Bimonte G., Cappellin L., Carugno G. et al.
NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Volume: 11 Published: MAR 10 2009

5. A novel experimental approach for the detection of the dynamical Casimir effect
Braggio C., Bressi G., Carugno G. et al.
EUROPHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 70 Issue: 6 Pages: 754-760 , JUN 2005

6. Measurement of the Casimir force between parallel metallic surfaces
Bressi G., Carugno G., Onofrio, R. et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 88 Issue: 4 , 041804 , JAN 28 2002

7. A high-speed, pressurised multi-wire gamma camera for dynamic imaging in nuclear medicine
Barr A., Bonaldi L., Carugno G., Charpak G. et al.
Volume: 477 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 499-504 Published: JAN 21 2002

8. Double beta decay of Mo-100
Ashitkov VD., Barabash AS., Belogurov S., G.Carugno et al.
JETP LETTERS Volume: 74 Issue: 11 Pages: 529-531 , Published: 2001

9. New measurement of the pi ->mu nu gamma decay
Bressi, G., Carugno G., Cerdonio S. et al.
NUCLEAR PHYSICS B Volume: 513 Issue: 3 Pages: 555-572 , MAR 9 ,1998

10. Limits on the existence of scalar interactions in the submillimeter range
Carugno G., Fontana Z., Onofrio R., et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW D Volume: 55 Issue: 10 Pages: 6591-6595 Published: MAY 15 1997

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