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Structure Department of Mathematics
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Qualification Professore ordinario
Scientific sector MAT/03 - GEOMETRY
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Proposals for thesis

Roisin Mangan " In the ubiquity of the simplicial objects" 2013

Saggin Fabio " Elliptic Cohomology" ...

-Genaro Hernandez Mada (ALGANT Erasmus Mundus-Doc): Clemens-Schimdt sequence.

Curriculum Vitae
Bruno R.Chiarellotto born in Cornuda(TV-Italy) August 16th, 1961
Married with Eloisa Michela Detomi with two sons: Marco and Paolo.

Laurea in Matematica in Padova, nel 1985.
PhD in Matematica (Z.Mebkhout-M.Cornalba advisors) 1989; Rome.
1987-89: C.N.R. scholarship Universite' de Paris VII
1989-90: Visiting research fellow and research fellow, Princeton University.
1992-3 Visiting Professor at U.C. Berkeley .
1994 Professor, Engegneering Faculty Padova.
1995-7 Visiting Professor at Strasburg and Paris Nord.
1997 Professore Ordinario in Geometry.
1997/8 Visiting Professor, Università di Paris VI. Univ. de Rennes.
-1998-2007 he has been invited several times as visiting professor in the universities of Hiroshima, Rennes, Paris Nord, Madrid.
-2001-2007: Director of the Graduate school in Mathematics Padova
-2003 Invited Professor Weizmann Institut Rehovot
-2008 Visiting Professor Univ. Rennes
- from 2009 local coordinator for the international PhD programme Erasmus-mundus-doc "ALGANT-DOC"
-2010 JSPS Fellow, Tohoku Univ. Sendai. (3 months)
-2013 Visiting Professor Inst. Hautes Et. Scient. Paris (January)
-from 2015 Local Coordinator Master Erasmus Mundus "ALGANT".
-2017/18 Director of the Graduate school in Mathematics Padova.

He has been invited for seminars, or short visits or during conferences at the universities of Paris VI e Institut H. Poincarè, Kyoto, Barcellona, Tokyo, Chiba,Nagoya, Minneapolis, Cambridge e Oxford,Caen, Nice, Groningen, Luminy, Muenster, Weizmann Inst., Tohoku, ENS Lyon,Imperial College, Nairobi, Hiroshima, Leuwen, Fukuoka, Munich.

-He has been teaching PhD courses or series of lectures organized as courses at the universities of Milano, Padova, Nagoya, Hiroshima e Rennes.
-PhD students: Fornasiero(2004), Pulita(2006) (co-tutele Parigi), Ciccioni(2010), Trentinaglia(2007), Settimi (2010), G.Hernandez-Mada ( 2014, cotutele Bordeaux-Montreal), currently Pietro Gatti (cotutele Leuven).

In charge of the Italian Governement projects PRIN 2010-11 "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry and number theory' (with Scuola Normale, Milano, Genova). In charge for the Padova node of the Italian Governement projects PRIN: 2002,2004,2006,2008, 2015. Member of the EC network "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry" HCM and RTN (1994-2006). He won a grant from the Cariparo Fondation "Cariparo-Eccellenza" for the project "Differential methods in algebra, geometry and number theory" period 2009-2012 (218.000euro). Padova Grant "PRAT" "Vanishing cycles" (2016). In charge for the Padova node 2006-2009 of the JSPS (Japan) project Core-to-Core "New Developments of Arithmetic Geometry, Motive, Galois Theory, and Their Practical Applications".

Organizing conferences and Scientific Commitees (recent)

-On the Scientific Commitee of the " 27th Journees Arithmetiques", 2011 Vilnius (LT).
-"Monodromy" summer school Dobbiaco 23-28 june 2014.
-"Perfectoid spaces' summer school Bressanone, 31/8-4/9 2015.
- "Workshop and Summer School on Modular forms" Padova august 27-sept 6, 2017.
-"Winter School and Workshop On Riemann-Hilbert Correpospondaces" Padova january 29-feb 9, 2018

He acts as referee for research projects in USA (AMS), France(ANR), Belgium and Israel.
Others: He has been indicated in a short list by the Italian Foreign Ministery as scientific "attache'" at the Italian Embassy in Beijing.

Recent Preprint:

-Chiarellotto B. Lazda C. Liedtke C. A Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterium for K3"

Research areas
arithmetic algebraic geometry

Recent articles/preprints:
N.Tsuzuki, B. Chiarellotto : "Log growth filtration for p-adic differential equations" in Journal de L'Inst.Math. de Jussieu 8(2009) 465-505.
A. Pulita, B. Chiarellotto "Arithmetic and differential Swan conductor of rank one representations with finite local monodromy" in Amer. Journal of Math 131 (2009), 1743-1794 arXiv:0711.0701.
B.Chiarellotto N. Tuszuki "log-Growth Filtration and Frobenius Slope Filtration of $F$-Isocrystals at the Generic and Special Points" Documenta Math. 16 (2011) 33-69.
B. Chiarellotto (Edited with the aid of F. Sullivan and G. Gerotto) "An invitation to p-adic differential equations" In Arithmetic and Galois Theory of differential equations (Rivoal, Di Vizio eds). Seminaires et Congres SMF 23(2011), 115-168. link
B. Chiarellotto G. Gerotto F. Sullivan "Dwork's 1994 Padova lectures on exponential modules". In Arithmetic and Galois Theory of differential equations (Rivoal, Di Vizio eds). Seminaires et Congres SMF 23(2011), 169-227. link
B. Chiarellotto, A. Ciccioni, N. Mazzari " Cycle classes and the syntomic regulator", Algebra and Number Theory, 7(2013) n.3, 533-566.
B. Chiarellotto F. Esposito " A note on Fontaine Theory using different Lubin-Tate groups" Kodai Math. J. 37(2014) 196-211
B. Chiarellotto N. Tsuzuki : "Clemens-Schmid exact sequence in characteristic p" Math. Ann. 358 (2014), 971-1004
B.Chiarellotto, R. Coleman, V. Di Proietto, A.Iovita 'On the p-adic invariant cycles theorem" J.Reine Angew. Math. 711(2016), 55-74
B. Chiarellotto, C. Lazda "Combinatorical degenerations of Surfaces and Calabi-Yau threefolds" Algebra and Number Theory 10(2016), n.10, 2235-2266.
B. Chiarellotto, C. Lazda "Around l-indipendence", Compositio Math. 154(2018), n.1, 223-248.
B.Chiarellotto, C. Lazda, C. Liedtke "A Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for K3 surfaces" (2017) in

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2018/19
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
SC1172 001PD SC02111817 6 1st Year Second
SC1172 010PD SC02111817 6 1st Year Second