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Structure Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry
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Dip. Territorio e Sistemi Agro-forestali, Viale dell'Università, 16 - Edificio Stecche - Terzo Piano - stanza 23. Da concordare con lo studente: invio di una e-mail all'indirizzo elena.pisani@unipd.it
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Proposals for thesis
I am an agricultural and rural economist and my research focus is on different and interrelated topics:
1. the role of social innovation in marginalized rural areas (both in Europe and Latin American countries)
2. the role of social capital and local governance in rural development projects and specifically in the LEADER approach or CLLD;
3. the development of monitoring and evaluation methods, tools and indicators for social capital and social innovation projects.
4. the role and measurement of participation in rural development initiatives related to the tourism sector;
5. the design of rural development strategies in poor and marginalized areas;
6. the evaluation of LIFE projects based on a network approach.
I normally use different statistical tools:
(i) Social Network Analysis (SNA) with GEPHY (free software) for the quantitative analysis of networks.
(ii) NVIVO software for statistical qualitative and quantitative research.
(ii) Statplus for the statistical quantitative analysis.
I welcome a thesis related to the previous research topics but I am also open to your suggestions and research interests.

Curriculum Vitae
Elena Pisani, Ph.D. in Real Estate Appraisal and Land Economic, is a researcher at the Dep. "Territorio e Sistemi Agro-Forestali - TESAF" of the University of Padova (Italy) from December 2010. From 2014 she has been confirmed as a researcher and she has the national scientific qualification for Associate Professor.
She is the scientific coordinator of the projects "SMART-In, Instruments and Methods for Innovation in Agriculture, Rurality and Land" and "Increased efficiency and effectiveness of the local development programs in tourism through participatory processes and good governance" financed by the European Social Fund.
She is a researcher in the European H2020 project SIMRA "Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas" ( http://www.simra-h2020.eu)
Her research activities concern the assessment of innovation and social capital in rural areas by using Social Network Analysis.
She has collaborated in research projects financed by FAO and IFAD.
She teaches at the University of Padova in the following courses:
- Principles of Economics (Bachelor in Forest Science);
- Project Planning and Evaluation (Master program in Local Development and Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Sustainable Territorial Development, STEDE http://www.em-stede.eu),
- European projects for the Environment and Territorial Development (Master program in Sciences and Technologies for the Environment and the Territory).
She is a member of the "Società Italiana degli Economisti Agrari (SIDEA)", of the "Associazione Italiana di Economia Agraria e Applicata" (AIEAA), e della "European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy" (EAEPE).

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 429C60226BACF65ECD574ECF5512DF0C.pdf

Research areas
My research activity is in the following "European Research Sectors":
SH1_2: Development, economic growth
SH1_3: Microeconomics, behavioral economics
SH1_5: Political economy, institutional economics, law and economics;
SH2_7: Political systems and institutions, governance
SH3_9: Spatial development, land use, regional planning

In particular, I have analyzed the following topics:
1. Analysis of social innovation in marginal rural areas and proposal of evaluation methodologies (composite indicators and Social Network Analysis - SNA)
2. Analysis and evaluation of the social capital in the Local Action Groups of the LEADER - CLLD Approach in Europe (through the Social Network Analysis - SNA)
3. Theories of rural development in Europe and Latin America: from sector approaches to territorial approaches (through cluster analysis applications)
4. Evaluation of investments in the agro-zootechnical and forestry sector (Cost-Benefit Analysis - CBA, Multi-criteria Analysis - MCA, Risk Analysis, Farm data analysis) with applications in the field of conventional feed, bio and GMOs in Italy, and in cotton sector in Peru.

I have coordinated or participated in national and international research projects, including the most significant:
1. Apr.2016-Apr-2020: Researcher in WP4 of the research project H2020 SIMRA "Social Innovation in Marginalized Rural Areas" www.simra-h2020.eu
2. Sep.2016-Aug.2017: Scientific coordinator of the research project: "SMART-In: Tools and methods for innovation in agriculture, rurality and territory" funded by the ESF (ID: 2105-134-2121-2015)
3. Apr.2014-Mar.2015: Scientific coordinator of the research project: "Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of local development programs linked to tourism through the implementation of participatory processes and good governance" funded by the ESF (ID. 2105-201-10-1148-2013)
4. Jul.2011-Apr. 2014: "Structural and Cognitive Social Capital in Italian Rural Areas" University Research Project of the University of Padua (ID: CPDA102173 / 10)
5. June 2009-June 2011: "Rural Development Strategies for Somalia". Research project funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and implemented by the Dip.TESAF, University of Padua
6. Jan.2009-Dec.2010: "Apoyo a la rehabilitación y enriquecimiento de la estructura arborio necesaria a los sistemas agro-forestales - Province of Cotopaxi - Ecuador" Research project financed by the FAO and carried out by the Dept. TESAF, University of Padua (ID: PCDIF GDCP / ECU / 001 / ITA)
7. Jan.2008-Jan.2010: "Rural development theories in Latin America" ​​Senior Research Grant, University of Padua (ID: CPDR055842)
8. Jan.2007-Dec.2007: "Socio-economic analysis of the LAG territory" Le Terre Basse, formerly Antico Dogado ", LEADER Community Initiative Action 1.5.
9. Jan.2006-Jan.2008: "Theories of economic development: the new rurality in Latin America" ​​Research grant, University of Padua (ID: CPDR055842)
10. Jan.2005-Dec.2008: "Benefit-Cost Analysis of Microgarden Technologies for Improved Food Security in Brazil" Research project financed by the FAO and carried out by the TESAF Dept. (ID: GDCP / BRA / 002 / ITA)

I have carried out research activities in Armenia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Italy.

You will find my publications in the following websites:


Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 429C60226BACF65ECD574ECF5512DF0C.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
IF0321 COMMON AGO2044973 8 2nd Year (2019/20) First
IA2447 COMMON SUP8083737 6 1st Year (2019/20) First
SU2446 COMMON SUP8083737 6 1st Year (2019/20) First
AG0059 COMMON AG04122575 8 1st Year (2019/20) Second