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Curriculum Vitae
Paola Brembilla is a Television Studies and Media Industry Studies scholar, with a focus on Italian and US Television.
After her MA in Film, Television and Multimedia Production (University of Bologna 2012), in 2015 she earned a PhD in Television studies at the same University, with the thesis “It’s All Connected. Strategie competitive ed evoluzioni formali nelle serie TV statunitensi”.
From 2015 to 2016 she was a post-doc research fellow at the Department of Art of the University of Bologna, with a project center on branded entertainment and content marketing for the Italian firm Imperial Fashion Group. At the University of Bologna, she is currently a member of the steering committee for the international conference Media Mutations, for which she co-organized editions 9 and 10 (
Since 2016, she collaborates with the TV group RTI-Mediaset as a TV analyst.
Her research interests include, besides Television Studies and Media Industry Studies, narrative and digital ecosystems, media franchises and vast narratives, cultural economies and cross-industrial synergies in the media field. On the subjects, she also conducted her researches at the University of California - Berkeley as an exchange student (2010-11) and at University of Wisconsin Madison as a visiting scholar (2014).
She was a speaker at many international conferences, and a keynote speaker at "The Art of TV Series" conference (Universidad de Navarra, 2017).
She authored several publications on the relations between economics and aesthetics in TV series, including chapters, articles and two book, "Game of Strategy" (with Edoardo Mollona, Giappichelli 2015) and "It's All Connected" (Franco Angeli 2018).
With Ilaria A. De Pascalis, she co-edited the volume “Reading Contemporary Serial Television Universes: A Narrative Ecosystem Framework” (Routledge 2018).


Research areas
- Television Studies
- Media Industries Studies
- Media Franchise
- Narrazioni estese e seriali
- Ecosistemi digitali
- Ecosistemi narrativi
- Storia della Televisione
- Serialità
- Economie culturali


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