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Wednesday from 09:00 to 12:00 Ufficio
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Curriculum Vitae
Cavinato Gianni was born in Vigodarzere (Pd) on 20.12.1948.
He graduated in Chemistry at the University of Padua in 1973, with marks 110/110. He was Assistant Professor from 1978 to 1985. From 1985 to date he is Associate professor (Chim03), at the Dept. of Chemical Sciences of the University of Padua.

Research activity
Synthesis and reactivity of palladium complexes.
Carbonylations and hydrogenations.
CO-olefin copolymerization for the production of polyketones.
Polymeric materials functionalized for applications in the energy field.

He participated in several projects, coordinated by prof. Vito Di Noto, for the synthesis and functionalization of polymers (including polyketones) for energy conversion and storage.
The most recent projects are: Ateno Strategic Project (MAESTRA - From Materials for Membrane-Electrode Assemblies to Electric Energy (2014- 2017)); European Project Graphene Flagships (Graphene Core 0 (2014-2016), Graphene Core 1 (2016-2018), Graphene Core 2 (2018-2020)).

Congress organization
He was a member of the local organizing committee of the congress: "21st International Conference of Solid State Ionics" which was held in Padua from 18 to 23 June 2017.

Teaching activity at the Department of Chemical Sciences (Industrial Chemistry) of the University of Padua
Laboratory Practitioner of Organic Chemistry (academic year 1975/76 and 1977/78.
Chemistry Preparation Tutorials I ° (from the academic year 1978/79 to the academic year 1997/98).
Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry I (from 1997/98 to the academic year 2002/03).
General and Inorganic Chemistry "for the Degree in Biotechnology (academic year 1998/99 and 1999/2000).
Radiosynthesis of Organic Compounds at the School of Specialization in Nuclear Chemistry (from the academic year 1991/92 to the academic year 2000/2001).
Industrial Chemistry Laboratory (from academic year 2003/04 to today). Applied Inorganic Chemistry (from the academic year 2003/04 to today). Industrial chemistry I (from 2008 to today).

Member of the competition committee
National competition for positions of University Professor of role, band of Associates
(D.M. 28 July 1990, Official Gazette 4/9/1990, group C031 - General and Inorganic Chemistry.
Competition for the coverage of a position of University researcher role for the sector scientific disciplinary C03X of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Florence (G.U. n 2-4, specimen series of 9/1/1998.
Comparative evaluation of second-level role teachers, scientific sector disciplinary C03X "General and Inorganic Chemistry", Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of L'Aquila (G.U. n ° 85 of 31/10/2000.
Comparative assessment procedure for the coverage of n. 1 place of university researcher for the scientific-disciplinary sector Chim / 03 - General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences MM. FF. NN. University of Milan (G.U-IV special series n. 28 of 9.4.2004.
Comparative evaluation of second-level role teachers, scientific sector disciplinary C03X "General and Inorganic Chemistry", at the University of Camerino (G.U. n. 80 of 8/10/2004.

Research areas
Nella ricerca, si interessa di sintesi e reattività di complessi di metalli di transizione e loro applicazioni nel campo della catalisi sia omogenea che eterogenea, in particolare nelle reazioni di carbonilazione, polimerizzazione e idrogenazione di substrati d'interesse industriale.
Le linee di ricerca che segue in questo periodo sono:
1. sintesi, indagini strutturali e reattività di complessi di Palladio;
2. sintesi organiche catalizzate da metalli di transizione via carbonilazione e idrogenazione di
molecole d'interesse per la "chimica fine";
3. copolimerizzazioni catalitiche ossido di carbonio-olefine per la produzione di polichetoni.
4. funzionalizzazione di polichetoni per elettrocatalisi.


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Vito Di Noto, Matteo Piga, Guinevere A. Giffin, Micheal Sschuster, Gianni Cavinato, Luigi
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Conducting Membranes for PEMFCs.
Chemistry of Materials, 23 (2011)4452-4458.

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 4120520D1F96C770209563391E45A631.pdf

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