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Structure Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and the Environment
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Office hours
Wednesday from 11:00 to 13:00 Ufficio del Docente Previo accordo con i singoli studenti
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Proposals for thesis
Argomenti di Microbiologia di base, ma soprattutto di Microbiologia applicata nei settori Agro-Alimentare e Ambientale.

Curriculum Vitae
- Degree in Natural Sciences at Pisa University
- Division of Plant Industry C.S.I.R.O (Canberra) and Research Station of Gosford (Sidney), Australia
- University College, Cork (Ireland)
- University of Georgia, Department of Microbiology, Athens, U.S.A.

Scientific Activities
Physiology of prokaryotes and possible applications of microbiology to agri-food and environment, on the evaluation of genetically modified microorganisms for their application in open fields, including studies on multifunctional genes. Key activities are concerning the bioconversion of agri-food wastes into high added value products, such as biopolymers (PHAs) and biofuels (ethanol).

Significant scientific projects as project manager
- In charge for a R.U. within “Progetti finalizzati” IPRA-CNR, PRIN (MURST-MIUR), Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Regione Veneto (Biotech-I, Biotech-II, Biotech II bis, Biotech-III, Misura 124)

- BilateralProjects-CNR Italia/USA (University of Georgia, Athens, U.S.A. e Cornell University, Ithaca, NY-USA)
- In charge for R.U. of research projects funded by European Commission
o EU-ASEAN, 1989-92;
o EU-IMPACT-1, 1993-96;
o EU-IMPACT-2, 1996-99;
o EU-WHEYPOL, 2001-2004;
o EU-ANIMPOL, 2010-12;
- Member of the Management Committee of COST Action 856 CE
- Responsibile for Bilateral Project Italia-Sud Africa of Foreign Ministry (cod. OZYDNTM7, 2012-2014)

Vice-President from 2007 to 2010 of the Società Italiana di Microbiologia Agro Alimentare e Ambientale (SIMTREA)
Since 1998 is part of the Editorial Board of the international scientific journal FEMS Microbiology Letters.
He served as reviewer for research projects of the European Commission, MIUR, CNR and several Italian and European foundation.
He gave scientific lectures at national and international institution.

Academic activities
- Senior researcher at Pisa University, Facoltà di Agraria since 1983
- Associate Professor at Padova University since 1992
- Full Professor at Padova University since 1999
- Head of the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Padova 1999-2002 and 2002-2005.
- Member of the Directive Committee of the Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori at the University of Padova
- Director of the PhD School of Crop Science
- President of the Corso di laurea in Biotecnologie agrarie (Università di Padova) 2003-2009
- Teaching “General Microbiology ”, “Agricultural Microbiology” and “Microbial Biotecnology”

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 3F7C3DCDD4702D29D6730FE5A8616192.pdf

Research areas
- Rapporti Microrganismi-Piante
- Denitrificazione: studi di base e applicati a sistemi depurativi
- Valorizzazione di biomasse residuali di origine Agro-Alimentare, Ambientale e Industriale mediante l'uso di microrganismi produttori di composti ad alto valore aggiunto (Bio-carburanti, Bio-polimeri)

Pubblicazioni significative più recenti

Roscini L., Favaro L., Corte L., Cagnin L., Colabella C., Basaglia M., Cardinali G. and Casella S.
A yeast metabolome-based model for an ecotoxicological approach in the management of lignocellulosic
ethanol stillage
(2019) Royal Society Open Science 6: 180718

Cagnin L., Favaro L., GronchiN, Rose S.H., Basaglia M., van Zyl W.H. and Casella S.
Comparing laboratory and industrial yeast platforms for the direct conversion of cellobiose into ethanol
under simulated industrial conditions
(2019) FEMS Yeast Research, 19:…. foz018

Favaro L., Basaglia M. & Casella S.
Improving polyhydroxyalkanoate production from inexpensive carbon sources by genetic approaches: a review
(2019) Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 13(1): 208-227

Favaro L., Basaglia M., Rodriguez J.E.G., Morelli A., Ibraheem O., Pizzocchero V., Casella S.
Bacterial production of PHAs from lipid-rich by-products
(2019) Applied Food Biotechnology 6(1):45-52

Gronchi N., Favaro L., Cagnin L., Brojanigo S., Pizzocchero V., Basaglia M., Casella S.
Novel yeast strains for the efficient saccharification and fermentation of starchy by-products to bioethanol
(2019) Energies 12(4) art. no. 714

de Diego-Diaz B., Treu L., Campanaro S., da Silva Duarte V., Basaglia M., Favaro L., Casella S., Squartini A.
Genome sequence of Rhizobium sullae HCNT1 isolated from Hedysarum coronarium nodules and featuring peculiar denitrification phenotypes",
(2018) Genome Announcements 6(4) art. no. e01518-17

Rodríguez Gamero J.E., Favar L., Pizzocchero, V., Lomolino G., Basaglia M. Casella S.
Nuclease expression in efficient polyhydroxyalkanoates-producing bacteria could yield cost reduction during downstream processing
(2018) Bioresource technology 261: 176-181.

Favaro, L., Cagnin, L., Basaglia, M., Pizzocchero V., van Zyl W.H., Casella S.
Production of bioethanol from multiple waste streams of rice milling
(2017) Bioresource Technology 244: 151-159

Shah A.T., Favaro L., Alibardi L., Cagnin L., Sandon A., Cossu R., Casella S., Basaglia M.
Bacillus sp. strains to produce bio-hydrogen from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste
(2016) Applied Energy 176: 116–124

Favaro L., Corte L., Roscini L., Cagnin L., Tiecco M., Colabella C., Berti A., Basaglia M., Cardinali G., Casella S.
A novel FTIR-based approach to evaluate the interactions between lignocellulosic inhibitory compounds and their effect on yeast metabolism.
(2016) RSC Advances 6(53): 47981 -47989

Cripwell R., Favaro L., Rose S.H., Basaglia M., Cagnin L., Casella S., van Zyl W.
Utilisation of wheat bran as a substrate for bioethanol production using recombinant cellulases and amylolytic yeast
(2015) Applied Energy 160: 610–617

Favaro L., Viktor M.J., Rose S.H., Viljoen-Bloom M., van Zyl W.H., Basaglia M., Cagnin L., Casella S.
Consolidated bioprocessing of starchy substrates into ethanol by industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains secreting fungal amylases.
(2015) Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Samorì, C., Basaglia, M., Casella, S., Favaro, L., Galletti, P., Giorgini, L., Marchi, D., Mazzocchetti, L., Torri, C., Tagliavini, E.
Dimethyl carbonate and switchable anionic surfactants: Two effective tools for the extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from microbial biomass
(2015) Green Chemistry 17 (2): 1047-1056

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
AG0056 COMMON AVP7077961 8 1st Year (2019/20) Second
IF1839 COMMON SCP6076460 7 3rd Year (2019/20) First
AV2493 COMMON AVP9085783 8 1st Year (2019/20) First