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Curriculum Vitae
Cristiano Guarneri (1979) is historian of architecture and city. At the present he is adjunct professor in history of contemporary architecture at the University of Padua and University ‘Ca’ Foscari’ in Venice. Since 2005 he has been for ten years teaching assistant at the University of Brescia.
After the PhD at the School for Advanced Study in Venice (2010), he was previously post-doctoral research fellow in history of architecture at the Iuav University in Venice (three years) and at the University of Padua (one year). In 2007 he was researcher at the Archivio del Moderno of the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (University of Italian Switzerland), and in 2008 has been awarded with a yearly starting grant (bourse pour chercheur débutant) from the Swiss National Foundation. In the same period he has been visiting researcher at the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.

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Research areas
Guarneri’s field of expertise ranges from early modern to contemporary history of architecture and city in different Italian and European geographical contexts.
His researches focus particularly on the relationships between architectural design and knowledge of sciences and humanities in specialized typologies of buildings. This theme links studies such as those on sixteenth-century Venetian fortresses and mathematics, seventeenth- and eighteenth-century observatories and astronomy, early-modern libraries and literature, and finally Renaissance museums and natural history and the arts. Among the museums, and early spaces of knowledge or collecting, Guarneri studied in detail the Kunstkamera of Peter the Great, St Petersburg, the Statuario Pubblico in the Marciana Library and the Grimani collection, Venice, and Petrarch’s study in his house in Arquà, near Padua.
In the field of urban history, Guarneri focuses on the foundation and planning of St Petersburg during the reign of Peter the Great, as well as on early-modern and modern Venice. In this last context, he performed a research in the area of Giardini di Castello for the international project Visualizing Venice (Iuav University, Duke University, Padua University).

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