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Curriculum Vitae
Born in 1965 in Vicenza (Italy), Marino Quaresimin received the Master degree summa cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 1990 from the University of Padova and the PhD degree in Machine Design in 1994 from University of Florence.
Since January 2011 he is full Professor of Machine Design at the Department of Management and Engineering - University of Padova, where he is also deputy head of the Department
His research interests are on polymeric composites and nanocomposites, with particular reference to the study of the structural response and the damage mechanics and the development of predictive models. Understanding and description of the behaviour of composite materials and structures under cyclic (fatigue) loading are of actual interest as well as modelling of the toughening mechanisms and multifunctional response in nanocomposites. He is also interested in bonded connections and in the development and optimisation of composite structures.
He is author of more than 350 scientific publications:
92 papers in international ISI journals
18 invited lectures at international conferences
11 chapters in international books
17 papers in national journals
150 papers or talks at international conferences
75 papers or talks at national conferences
3 teaching books
1 international patent
The bibliometric parameters provided by Scopus (March 2018) are more than 2600 citations and a H index of 31.
The more important roles covered by the Marino Quaresimin over the years, in terms of scientific and research management, can be summarised as follow
• European Editor of Composites Science and Technology (Elsevier IF 3.569 JCR 2014, rank 1/24 cat. Material Science-Composites, Quartile Q1) from 2012.
• Member of the Editorial Board of the journals Strain - An international journal for experimental mechanics (Wiley), Applied Composite Materials (Springer), Compositi Magazine (Tecnedit)
• Guest Editor of special issues of Composites Science and Technology, Composites Part B, Composite Interfaces, Strain.

• Chairman of ETDCM6 – the 6th International Conference on Experimental techniques and design in composite materials (Vicenza, June 2003, about 150 participants)
• Chairman of ECCM15, the 15th edition of the European Conference on Composite Materials (Venice, June 2012 with over 1600 participants)
• Chairman of ICNN4 – the 4th International Conference on Nanomechanics and Nanocomposites (held in Vicenza, September 2016)
• Member of the scientific committee/advisory board of more than 50 national and international conferences
• President of the European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM) from 2012 to 2014 and member of the executive council from 2004.
• Member and Italian representative in the Euro-Japanese Committee on Composite Materials
• National secretary of the Italian Association for Stress Analysis (AIAS) from 2008 to 2010 and member of the executive council from 2004 to 2010.
• Member of Executive board of the Italian Association of Composite Industries (ASSOCOMPOSITI) from 2008 to 2011
• European coordinator of the Clean Sky I project “Implementation of the Liquid infusion in the Manufacturing of Aerospace Structures (ILMAS)” (EU 2013),
• National coordinator of the PRIN 2007 project “Improvement of the mechanical properties of polymeric composite laminates by matrix nanomodification (NanoCompStrut)” (MIUR)
• Coordinator of local unit of PRIN 2003 project “Design against impact of composite structures” (MIUR).

the complete list of publications is presented in the attached file, below are listed the most signicant papers of the last three years

• M. Quaresimin , Multiaxial fatigue testing of composites: from the pioneers to future directions, Strain, an international journal for experimental mechanics (2015) 1, 16-29. 50th anniversary paper
• Carraro P.A., Quaresimin M.: A stiffness degradation model for cracked multidirectional laminates with cracks in multiple layers, International Journal of Solids and Structures (2015), 58, 34-51.
• Schaaf A., De Monte M, Moosbrugger E., Vormwald M., Quaresimin M., Life estimation methodology for short fiber reinforced polymers under thermo-mechanical loading in automotive applications, Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik (2015) 46, 214-228.
• Quaresimin M., Bertani R., Zappalorto M., Pontefisso A., Simionato F., Bartolozzi A., Multifunctional polymer nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical and anti-microbial properties, , Composites Part B (2015) 80, 108-115.
• Carraro P.A., Maragoni L., Quaresimin M. Influence of load ratio on the biaxial fatigue behaviour and damage evolution in glass/epoxy tubes under tension-torsion loading, Composites Part A (2015) 78, 294–302.
• Quaresimin M., Schulte K., Zappalorto M., Chandrasekaran S., Toughening mechanisms in nanocomposites: from experiments to models, Composites Science and Technology (2016) 123, 187–204. Feature Article
• Carraro P.A., Zappalorto M., Quaresimin M, Health monitoring of cross-ply laminates: modelling the correlation between damage evolution and electrical resistance change, Composites Part A (2016) 82, 151–158.
• Quaresimin M. , Carraro P.A., Maragoni L., Early stage damage in off-axis plies under fatigue loading, Composites Science and Technology 128 (2016) 147-154.
• Maragoni L., Carraro P. A, Quaresimin M., Effect of voids on the crack formation in a [45/-45/0]s laminate under cyclic axial tension, Composites: Part A 91 (2016) 493–500.
• Belmonte E. De Monte M. Quaresimin M. Hoffmann C., Damage mechanisms in a short glass fiber reinforced polyamide under fatigue loading, International Journal of Fatigue. 94 (2017), 145-157
• Maragoni L., Carraro P. A., Peron M., Quaresimin M., Fatigue behaviour of glass/epoxy laminates in the presence of micro-sized voids, International Journal of Fatigue 95 (2017) 18-28.
• Panozzo, F., Zappalorto M., Quaresimin M., Analytical model for the prediction of the piezoresistive behavior of CNT modified polymers , Composites Part B, 109 (2017) 53-63.
• Zappalorto M., Panozzo F., Carraro P.A., Quaresimin M., Electrical response of a laminate with a delamination: modelling and experiments, Composites Science and Technology, 143 (2017) 31-45.
• Carraro P. A., Maragoni L., Quaresimin M., Prediction of crack density evolution in multidirectional laminates under fatigue loading, Composites Science and Technology, 145 (2017) 24-39.
• M. Quaresimin (2018) 2.13 Multiaxial Fatigue of Composites: Experimental Evidences and Life Prediction Methodology. In: Beaumont, P.W.R. and Zweben, C.H. (eds.), Comprehensive Composite Materials II. vol. 2, pp. 249–274. Oxford: Academic Press.

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 3BB67EEC2E71AD665F690E8E9B953A27.pdf

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