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Curriculum Vitae
I received the Dr.Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Padova in 1984 and the Ph.D. (University of Wales) in 1987. The interest in high voltage engineering begun in 1984 with a thesis work where I investigated pre-discharge phenomena in electronegative gases. I subsequently joined the Physics Department of the University College of Swansea (U.K.) as a Senior Research Assistant. While in Swansea I completed a PhD thesis and have been active in several european research groups (Les Renardieres Group, European Group on Energy Exchange Processes in Gas Discharges, European Group on Pseudosparks).

In 1990 I was appointed as Researcher in the Power System Group at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Padova and since then my research and teaching activity has been carried out in this field. From 2002 I’m Associate Professor in Power Systems.
My main actual research interests are modelling and simulation of power systems under both steady-state and dynamic conditions, in particular medium and long term dynamics of large power systems, quality of the supply and interactions between distributed generation and electric network. In addition, I still have scientific interests in electromagnetic field computation, with particular regards to the problem of evaluation and mitigation of human exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields. The research activity is testified by more than 150 publications in refereed journal and conference proceedings.
From ’94 hold the course of “Power systems for transportation”, from ’97 the course of “Industrial power systems”. Currently he is holding the course of “Electrical installations” for the degree in Energy Engineering, and the course "Power systems for industry and transportation" for the Master degree in Electrical Enenrgy Engineering.

- Chaiman of the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committe) Technical Committee 106 “Human exposure to electromagnetic fields”.
- Member of the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committe) Technical Committee 316“Connection High, Medium and Low voltage electrical distribution networks”.
- Chairman of UNAE Veneto - AVIEL (Albo Veneto degli Installatori Elettrici)
- I’ve been member of the Steering Committee (section “Power generation supply and renewable resources”) of 10th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON’2000) hold in Cyprus in May 2000 and of the International Committee of XIII International Conference on Gas Discharges (GD2000), held in Glasgow in September 2000; at present I’m member of the Scientific Committee of UPEC (University Power Engineering Conference),and I have organized and chaired the 2008 edition of the conference (UPEC2008), held in Padova in September 2008.
- From 2007 I’ve acted as independent expert evaluator for the European Community (Directorate General Research) in several evaluation processes of proposals under the framework of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7)

I have been awarded the IEE Science, Education and Technology Division Premium (1987) and the IEE Maxwell Premium (1988), for two papers published in the IEE Proceedings.


Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 3A3819D53EC93323D35A29D2A88F100B.pdf

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