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Structure Department of Molecular Medicine
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Qualification Professore associato confermato
Scientific sector BIO/17 - HISTOLOGY
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Curriculum Vitae
Martello Graziano
Researcher unique identifier:
Date of birth: 01/04/1980
Nationality: Italian


03/2009 PhD in Genetics and developmental biology
Thesis title: “MicroRNAs involved in embryonic development and tumour progression”
Department of Histology Microbiology and Medical Biotechnologies, University of Padua, Italy - Prof. Stefano Piccolo
03/2005 Master Degreee in Medical Biotechnologies
Thesis title: “Isolation of a Ubiquitin ligase for Smad4: its role in germ layers formation and cell proliferation, University of Padua, Italy


08/2017 – Present Associate Professor of Histology
03/2014 – Present Telethon Scientist
03/2014 – 07/2017 Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
Department of Molecular Medicine - Medical School of Padua University, Italy

04/2010 – 02/2014 Research Associate
Project on the mechanisms controlling pluripotency in mouse ES cells (Prof. Austin Smith)
Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Centre for Stem Cell Research, University of Cambridge, UK

01/2009 – 03/2010 Post-Doc - Project on microRNA controlling TGF-beta signalling (Prof. Stefano Piccolo)
Department of Histology Microbiology and Medical Biotechnologies, University of Padua, Italy


01/2011 – 12/2013 HFSP (Human Frontieres Science Program) fellowship
01/2009 – 03/2010 microRNA in cancer, AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research), Department of Histology Microbiology and Medical Biotechnologies, University of Padua, Italy

2008 - “Concorso giovani ricercatori 2007” (Young researchers award 2007), for young Italian researchers .
2010 - “Cecila Cioffrese” prize from the Carlo Erba Foundation.
2012 - “Young Venetian Excellence Award 2012” in the field of Life sciences.
2013 - "Armenise-Harvard Career Development Award and Telethon Foundation Career Award (1,000,000 dollars , 5 years)
2013 – Telethon DTI Career Development award (600,000 euros, 5 years)
2016 – Europen Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant (1,500,000 euros, 5 years)


June 21st 2018 – Rome (Italy) SIBBM Frontier in Molecular Biology
Title: A common molecular logic determines pluripotent stem cell self-renewal and reprogramming
May 5th 2018 – Pavia (Italy) University of Pavia, Collegio Ghislieri, Lectio Magistralis for the Research Day,
Title: Chasing cell identity: from embryos to stem cells
February 23rd 2018 - Vienna (Austria) IMP – IMBA, SY-STEM the next generation of stem cell researchers International meeting
Title: Direct generation of human naïve induced pluripotent stem cells from somatic cells in microfluidics.
November 22nd 2017 – Milan (Italy) TIGET - San Raffaele
Title: Metabolic and transcriptional control of pluripotent stem cells
November 20th 2017 - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories (NY, USA) STATs: IMPORTANCE IN BASIC & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH international meeting
Title: LIF/Stat3 signal reshapes the metabolic profile of Pluripotent Stem cells
October 2016 – Dresden (Germany) CRTD “Rising Star Lectures”
Title: Metabolic and transcriptional regulation of Pluripotency”.
September 24th 2014 – Pisa (Italy) FISV 2014
Title: “Cracking the naive Pluripotency code”
June 8th 2013 – University of Coimbra (Portugal) BEB Symposium
Title: Integration of signalling pathways by the gene regulatory network of pluripotent cells

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Stuart HT, van Oosten AL, Radzisheuskaya A, Martello G, Miller A, Dietmann S,
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induce the naive pluripotent program. Curr Biol. 2014 Feb 3;24(3):340-6. doi:

Leitch HG, Nichols J, Humphreys P, Mulas C, Martello G, Lee C, Jones K, Surani
MA, Smith A. Rebuilding pluripotency from primordial germ cells. Stem Cell
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Martello G, Bertone P, Smith A. Identification of the missing pluripotency
mediator downstream of leukaemia inhibitory factor. EMBO J. 2013 Oct
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Martello G, Sugimoto T, Diamanti E, Joshi A, Hannah R, Ohtsuka S, Göttgens B,
Niwa H, Smith A. Esrrb is a pivotal target of the Gsk3/Tcf3 axis regulating
embryonic stem cell self-renewal. Cell Stem Cell. 2012 Oct 5;11(4):491-504. doi:

Inui M, Montagner M, Ben-Zvi D, Martello G, Soligo S, Manfrin A, Aragona M,
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receptor-activated SMADs. Nat Cell Biol. 2011 Sep 25;13(11):1368-75. doi:

Martello G, Rosato A, Ferrari F, Manfrin A, Cordenonsi M, Dupont S, Enzo E,
Guzzardo V, Rondina M, Spruce T, Parenti AR, Daidone MG, Bicciato S, Piccolo S. A
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9;136(1):123-35. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2008.10.051.

Martello G, Zacchigna L, Inui M, Montagner M, Adorno M, Mamidi A, Morsut L,
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of Nodal signalling. Nature. 2007 Sep 13;449(7159):183-8.

Cordenonsi M et al - Integration of TGF-b and Ras/MAPK signaling through p53 phosphorylation. Science. 2007 Feb 9;315(5813)

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
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ME2491 COMMON MEP9085821 11 1st Year (2019/20) First
ME1726 COMMON MEL1000195 8 1st Year (2019/20) Second
ME1727 COMMON MEL1000195 8 1st Year (2019/20) Second
ME1934 002PD MEP7079238 8 1st Year (2019/20) First
ME1934 001PD MEP3052685 6 2nd Year (2019/20) First
ME1934 002PD MEP3052685 6 2nd Year (2019/20) First