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Structure Department of General Psychology
Telephone 0498276693
Qualification Professore ordinario
Scientific sector M-PSI/01 - GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY
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Spatial learning derived from different sources: navigation, spatial language, map inspection. How tasks, goals, individual differences interact in influencing spatial learning.

Affective and cognitive variables implied in way-finding behavior: route learning, short-cut finding, spatial representations.

Effects of natural and built environments on cognitive resources and perceived well-being

Office hours
Wednesday from 10:00 to 12:00 Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale, via Venezia 8, quinto piano, studio 05-014 Si comunica che il ricevimento di mercoledì 13 novembre è sospeso per impegni istituzionali. Il ricevimento avrà luogo giovedì 14 alle ore 11.30
(updated on 12/11/2019 20:24)

Proposals for thesis
Argomenti di tesi proposti:
1. Differenze individuali nelle abilità di orientamento spaziale
2. Correlati cognitivi e emotivi nella navigazione in ambienti reali e in realtà virtuale
3. Modelli mentali e descrizioni di ambienti
5. Tematiche attinenti alla Psicologia Ambientale: estetica del paesaggio, effetti di ambienti naturali e costruiti su risorse cognitive e benessere.

Curriculum Vitae
Francesca Pazzaglia, Ph.D

Director of:
Master in Psicologia Architettonica e del paesaggio

Psicologia della Personalità e delle Differenze individuali; Psicologia dell'Apprendimento e della Memoria; Psicologia Ambientale

1995 Ph.D. Psychology, University of Padova
1984 M.A. (Magna Cum Laude) Psychology, University of Padova

Professional Positions
2011- present Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Padova
2001-2011 Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Padova
1998-2001 Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Padova

Professional Service
2015- present Member of the Executive Board of Padova University Press
2011-2015 Dean of the School of Psychology, University of Padova
2005-2012 Scientific Advisor for the Library of Psychology, University of Padova

Grant Reviewer
Israel Science Foundation
Italian Ministry of Research – Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR)
Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (FCT)

Journal Reviewer
Applied Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Brain and Cognition, Brain Research, British Journal of Psychology, Cognitive Processing, Journal of Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, Journal of Spatial Science, Learning & Individual Differences, Memory, Psychological Research, PlosOne, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Journal of Environmental Psychology


Her research focuses on individual differences in spatial skills, spatial learning and behaviour; working memory in spatial orientation and spatial text processes

Scientific Production Indexes (April 2018)
ORCID 0000-0002-3446-3826
SCOPUS: Citations 1758; H-index 22

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 22FBB0ADD71C2B3B034939DA672EF327.pdf

Research areas
Spatial cognition, spatial representation, orienting behavior, individual differences in spatial and orienting abilities.
Environmental psychology: indoor navigability and wayfinding; Natural environments and health.

Publications (2015-2018)

Fasano, F. Mitolo, M., Gardini, S., Venneri, A., Caffarra, P., Pazzaglia, F. (2018). Combining structural magnetic resonance imaging and Visuospatial tests to classify Mild Cognitive Impairment, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease,15,237-246.

Pazzaglia, F., Meneghetti, C., Labate, E. , Ronconi, L. (2018). Are wayfinding self-efficay and pleasure in exploring related to shortcut finding? A study in a virtual environment. In Barkowsky, Burte, Holscher, Schulteis (Eds). Spatial Cognition X.

Pazzaglia, F., Meneghetti, C. (2017). Acquiring spatial knowledge from different sources and perspectives: abilities, strategies and representations. In Zacks, J.M., Taylor, H.A. (Eds). Representations in Mind and World: Essays Inspired by Barbara Tversky. New York: Psychology Press.

M. Mitolo, E. Borella, C. Meneghetti, E. Carbone, F. Pazzaglia (2017). How to enhance route learning and visuo-spatial working memory in aging: a training for residential care home residents. Aging & Mental Health, DOI: 10.1080/13607863.2015.1132673

Mitolo, M. Hamilton, J. M., Landy, K. M., Hansen, L. A., Galasko, D., Pazzaglia, F., Salmon, D. B. (2016). Visual Perceptual Organization Ability in Autopsy-Verified Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Alzheimer's Disease. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 22(6), 609-619.

E. Carattin, C. Meneghetti, V. Tatano, F. Pazzaglia (2016). Human navigation inside complex buildings: using instructions and maps to reach an area of refuge. International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, DOI: 10.1080/21650349.2015.1135760

Mammarella, Irene C; Meneghetti, Chiara; Pazzaglia, Francesca; Cornoldi, Cesare (2015). Memory and comprehension deficits in spatial descriptions of children with non-verbal and reading disabilities. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 1534, DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.01534

M Mitolo, S Gardini, P Caffarra, L Ronconi, A Venneri, F Pazzaglia (2015).
Relationship between spatial ability, visuospatial working memory and self-assessed spatial orientation ability: a study in older adults. Cognitive Processing, 16 (2), 165-176.

C Meneghetti, F Pazzaglia, R De Beni (2015). Mental representations derived from spatial descriptions: the influence of orientation specificity and visuospatial abilities. Psychological Research, 79 (2), 289-307.

C Meneghetti, E Borella, F Pazzaglia (2015). Mental rotation training: transfer and maintenance effects on spatial abilities. Psychological Research, 1-15.

C Meneghetti, E Labate, M Grassano, L Ronconi, F Pazzaglia (2015). The role of visuospatial and verbal abilities, styles and strategies in predicting visuospatial description accuracy. Learning and Individual Differences, 36, 117-123.

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
PS1978 COMMON PSP9085796 9 1st Year (2019/20) Second
»   PSP4067769 6 1st Year (2019/20) First
»   PSP4067768 6 1st Year (2019/20) First
PS1082 COMMON PSP3049233 6 3rd Year (2019/20) Second