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Scientific sector BIO/05 - ZOOLOGY
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Office hours
Monday from 14:00 to 16:00 Complesso di Biologia "Vallisneri": 3° piano, parte Sud Previo appuntamento (
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Proposals for thesis
- Biodiversity and phylogeny of Chilopoda, with focus on Geophilomorpha
- Regional faunistics and ecology of Vertebrata, above all Amphibia

Curriculum Vitae
Biography, education, position
Born in 1974. Italian.
Degree in Natural Sciences, University of Padova, 1998, 110/110 cum laude, with a dissertation on morphology and ecology of a population of Salamandra atra aurorae.
Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, University of Padova, 2002, with a dissertation "Segmentation in Mecistocephalid centipedes: from evolution to development" (supervisor Prof. A. Minelli).
Associate professor of Zoology at the University of Padova, Department of Biology, since 1 March 2019.
Qualified for the position of Full Professor, after the ANVUR National Scientific Qualification, for Zoology and Anthropology, since 19 July 2017.

Main scientific interests
(a) Biodiversity and phylogeny of Chilopoda, with focus on Geophilomorpha. Approaches including advanced microscopic techniques and molecular phylogenetics.
(b) Regional faunistics and ecology of Vertebrata, above all Amphibia. Approaches including extended collaborative surveys and multi-year monitoring.

Main collaborative research activities
- collaboration to international projects: "A world catalogue of the Centipedes (Chilopoda) for the web" (supported by Global Biological Information Facilities), 2004-2006, in an international team of 9 expert taxonomists; “4D4Life - Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life” (supported by EU), 2009-2011; “SiiT - School oriented interactive Identification Tools: exploring biodiversity in a cross border area” (supported by EU), 2014;
- collaboration as expert zoologist to the national project for the implementation of the Italian Focal Point for the Global Taxonomy Initiative, 2005-2006 (supported by Italian Ministry of Environment);
- collaboration in national projects: PRIN on the endemism in the Italian fauna
(supported by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) 2008-2012, as scientific leader of a research unit.
- coordination and participation to broad-scale faunistic schemes, including national surveys on amphibians, reptiles, birds, and scientific leader of regional surveys on amphibians, reptiles and butterflies.

Scientific publications
Author of 56 papers in international peer-reviewed journals (ISI) and another 50 papers in other international or national journals.
In particular, first author of 30 papers in international peer-reviewed journals (ISI) including Cladistics, Systematic Entomology, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Contributions to Zoology, Palaeontology, Zoologischer Anzeiger, Zoomorphology, Zootaxa, Zookeys, European Journal of Entomology, Journal of Natural History.
Author of chapters in monographs, including "Treatise on Zoology - Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology" (The Myriapoda Volume 1, ed. A. Minelli, 2011) and "Fauna d'Italia" (volume Amphibia, ed. B. Lanza et al., 2007). First author of regional faunistic monographs, including "Atlante degli Anfibi e dei Rettili del Veneto" (2007) and " Farfalle del Veneto: atlante distributivo" (2014).

Society Memberships
Centre International de Myriapodologie. Unione Zoologica Italiana. Societas Herpetologica Italica (member of the Council since 2016). Società Italiana di Scienze Naturali. Associazione Faunisti Veneti (vice-president).

Scientific editorial activity
Member of the editorial boards of the “Fauna d’Italia” (Comitato Scientifico per la "Fauna d'Italia") and of the journal "Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny".

Lecturer's Curriculum (PDF): 082AD18C02E8F695AF3BED1C7AEAE4C2.pdf

Research areas
(a) Diversity and evolution of Chilopoda: morphology, phylogeny, biodiversity, ecology.
(b) Ecology and geographical differentiation of Amphibia, with focus on Northern Italy

Selected recent papers in ISI journals:

Peretti E., Bonato L. (2018) - How many species of centipedes coexist in temperate forests? Estimating local species richness of Chilopoda in soil coenoses of the South-Eastern Prealps - European Journal of Soil Biology, 89: 25-32.
Bonato L., Corbetta A., Giovine G., Romanazzi E., Šunje E., Vernesi C., Crestanello B. (2018) - Diversity among peripheral populations: genetic and evolutionary differentiation of Salamandra atra at the southern edge of the Alps - Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, 56: 533-548.
Bonato L., Bortolin F., Drago L., Orlando M., Danyi L. (2017) - Evolution of Strigamia centipedes (Chilopoda): a first molecular assessment of phylogeny and divergence times - Zoologica Scripta, 46: 486-495.
Bonato L., Orlando M., Zapparoli M., Fusco G., Bortolin F. (2017) - New insights into Plutonium, one of the largest and least known European centipedes (Chilopoda): distribution, evolution and morphology - Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 180: 887-909.
Bonato L., Zapparoli M., Drago L., Minelli A. (2016) - An unusually elongate endogeic centipede from Sardinia (Chilopoda: Geophilidae) - European Journal of Taxonomy, 231: 1-19.
Bonato L., Minelli A., Drago L., Pereira L.A. (2015) - The phylogenetic position of Dinogeophilus and a new evolutionary framework for the smallest epimorphic centipedes (Chilopoda: Epimorpha) - Contributions to Zoology, 84: 237-253.
Del Latte L., Bortolin F., Rota-Stabelli O., Fusco G., Bonato L. (2015) - Molecular-based estimate of species number, phylogenetic relationships and divergence times for the genus Stenotaenia (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha) in the Italian region - Zookeys, 510: 31-47.
Tamschick S., Rozenblut-Koscisty B., Bonato L., Dufresnes C., Lymberakis P., Kloas W., Ogielska M., Stoeck M. (2015) - Sex chromosome conservation, DMRT1 phylogeny and gonad morphology in diploid Palearctic green toads (Bufo viridis subgroup) - Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 144 (2014): 315-324.
Dufresnes C. , Bonato L. , Novarini N. , Betto-Colliard C. , Perrin N. , Stoeck M. (2014) - Inferring the degree of incipient speciation in secondary contact zones of closely related lineages of Palearctic green toads (Bufo viridis subgroup) - Heredity, 113: 9-22.
Romanazzi E., Bonato L. (2014) - Updating the range of the narrowly distributed endemites Salamandra atra aurorae and S. atra pasubiensis - Amphibia-Reptilia, 35: 123-128.
Bonato L., Minelli A., Lopresti M., Cerretti P. (2014) - ChiloKey, an interactive identification tool for the geophilomorph centipedes of Europe (Chilopoda, Geophilomorpha) - Zookeys, 443: 1-9.
Bonato L., Drago L., Murienne J. (2014) - Phylogeny of Geophilomorpha (Chilopoda) inferred from new morphological and molecular evidence - Cladistics, 30: 485-507.
Bonato L., Edgecombe G.D., Minelli A. (2014) - Geophilomorph centipedes from the Cretaceous amber of Burma - Palaeontology, 57: 97-110.
Bonato L., Minelli A. (2014) - Chilopoda Geophilomorpha of Europe: a revised list of species, with taxonomic and nomenclatorial notes - Zootaxa, 3770: 1-136.

Lecturer's Publications (PDF): 082AD18C02E8F695AF3BED1C7AEAE4C2.pdf

List of taught course units in A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
SC1178 COMMON SCN1032449 12 1st Year (2019/20) Annual ITA LUCIO BONATO
SC1161 COMMON SC01109615 12 1st Year (2019/20) Annual ITA LUCIO BONATO

Responsibility of other activity for A.Y. 2019/20
Degree course code (?) Degree course track Course unit code Course unit name Credits Year Period Lang. Teacher in charge
SC1161 COMMON SCL1004536 2 3rd Year (2019/20) Second