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INM0016638, A.A. 2018/19

Information concerning the students who enrolled in A.Y. 2016/17

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Degree course First cycle degree in
IN0516, Degree course structure A.Y. 2011/12, A.Y. 2018/19
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Degree course track MECCANICA [002VI]
Number of ECTS credits allocated 9.0
Type of assessment Mark
Course unit English denomination MACHINES AND COMPRESSORS
Website of the academic structure
Department of reference Department of Management and Engineering
E-Learning website
Mandatory attendance No
Language of instruction Italian
Single Course unit The Course unit can be attended under the option Single Course unit attendance
Optional Course unit The Course unit can be chosen as Optional Course unit

Teacher in charge ALARICO MACOR ING-IND/09

ECTS: details
Type Scientific-Disciplinary Sector Credits allocated
Educational activities in elective or integrative disciplines ING-IND/09 Energy and Environmental Systems 9.0

Course unit organization
Period Second semester
Year 3rd Year
Teaching method frontal

Type of hours Credits Teaching
Hours of
Individual study
Lecture 9.0 72 153.0 No turn

Start of activities 25/02/2019
End of activities 14/06/2019
Show course schedule 2018/19 Reg.2011 course timetable

Examination board
Board From To Members of the board
9 2018 01/10/2018 15/03/2020 MACOR ALARICO (Presidente)
MASI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
8 2017 01/10/2017 15/03/2019 MACOR ALARICO (Presidente)
MASI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)

Prerequisites: The course requires the knowledge of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Drawing.
Target skills and knowledge: Understanding and assimilation of the operating principles of the machines used in energy conversion plants.
Selection criteria of the machines.
Fluid dynamic design of the machines.
Examination methods: The examination consists of a written test and an oral test. During the oral examination a project assigned during the course will be discussed and evaluated.
Assessment criteria: The student must demonstrate that he has acquired the general principles of operation, the selection criteria and the design techniques of the machines.
Course unit contents: Outline of energy uses and energy resources.
Volumetric machines for incompressible fluids: alternative and rotary pumps.
Turbomachines. Energy exchange in turbomachines. Euler equations.
One-dimensional and revised one-dimensional theory of turbomachines.
Similarity; dimensionless numbers and typical machine number.
Aerodynamic profiles for turbomachinery.
Centrifugal pumps: characteristic curves, cavitation, design, pump-plant matching.
Axial pumps: geometry and design.
Hydroelectric plants. Pelton, Francis, and Kaplan turbines: geometry, characteristic curves and choice.
Theoretical outline of Gasdynamics: static and total thermodynamic quantities; speed of sound, convergent and convergent-divergent nozzles.
The similarity for compressible fluid machines.
Centrifugal fans and their design.
Centrifugal compressors. Functional instability.
Steam thermoelectric plants: system configurations.
Steam generators: outline of fire-tube and water-tube steam generators.
Steam turbines: turbine stages with 0 and 0.5 reaction degree; regulation.
Gas turbines: overview.
Internal combustion engines: ideal and real cycles; power and efficiencies; indicated and effective mean effective pressure (imep, bmep); mean piston speed. Characteristic curves.
4-stroke spark ignition engines: combustion and detonation, valve timing diagram, the carburetor, emissions, the electronic fuel injection.
4-stroke compression ignition engines: ignition delay, injection system.
2-stroke engines: outline.
Supercharge; supercharging with a volumetric compressor and with a turbocompressor.
Road behavior of the engine-vehicle system: the ideal traction system; driving force and resistant forces; the gearbox. Engine-vehicle matching.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Lessons and exercises on the blackboard.
Laboratory test for measuring the characteristic curve of a centrifugal pump.
Technical visit at the Museum of Machines.
Technical visit at a thermoelectric or hydroelectric plant.
Additional notes about suggested reading: Notes from the lessons.
Reference text: Ventrone G. - Macchine. Cortina editor
Textbooks (and optional supplementary readings)
  • Ventrone Giuseppe, Macchine per allievi Ingegneri. Padova: Libreria Internazinale Cortina, 2006. Cerca nel catalogo
  • Sandrolini S. , Naldi G., Macchine. Bologna: Pitagora Editrice, 1997. Cerca nel catalogo
  • Ferrari G., Motori a combustione interna. Torino: Il Capitello, 2001. Cerca nel catalogo

Innovative teaching methods: Teaching and learning strategies
  • Lecturing
  • Laboratory
  • Use of online videos
  • Loading of files and pages (web pages, Moodle, ...)

Innovative teaching methods: Software or applications used
  • Moodle (files, quizzes, workshops, ...)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Affordable and Clean Energy Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure