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School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage
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SUP6074918, A.A. 2017/18

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Degree course Second cycle degree in
LE0607, Degree course structure A.Y. 2013/14, A.Y. 2017/18
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Number of ECTS credits allocated 6.0
Type of assessment Mark
Course unit English denomination ANTHROPOLOGY OF RELIGIONS
Department of reference Department of Historical and Geographic Sciences and the Ancient World
E-Learning website
Mandatory attendance No
Language of instruction Italian
Single Course unit The Course unit can be attended under the option Single Course unit attendance
Optional Course unit The Course unit can be chosen as Optional Course unit

Teacher in charge FERDINANDO FAVA M-DEA/01

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ECTS: details
Type Scientific-Disciplinary Sector Credits allocated
Educational activities in elective or integrative disciplines M-DEA/01 Population Studies, Ethnography and Anthropology 6.0

Course unit organization
Period Second semester
Year 2nd Year
Teaching method frontal

Type of hours Credits Teaching
Hours of
Individual study
Lecture 6.0 42 108.0 No turn

Start of activities 26/02/2018
End of activities 01/06/2018
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Examination board
Board From To Members of the board
1 Commissione 2017/18 01/06/2018 30/11/2020 FAVA FERDINANDO (Presidente)
GRASSI PAOLO (Membro Effettivo)


Common characteristics of the Integrated Course unit

Specific characteristics of the Module

Course unit contents: The course is divided into two parts. The first one wants to offer an overview of the main theoretical and methodological debates that marked the anthropological study of religion on the formation of the same discipline (from the key epistemological issues to the problems of the origin and function of religion, symbolism, etc. ). The direct comparison with the classical texts of Tylor, Durkheim, Evans-Pritchard, Levi-Strauss, Geertz will mark the rhythm of this part. In the second part we will explore some "traditional"research subjects connected to de formation itself of the anthropology of religion (totemism, ritual, shamanism and possession, pilgrimage, witchcraft, etc.). By the direct comparison with contemporary ethnographies will recognize the questions that they raise today on these same issues, the hermeneutic frames in which they are now read as well as the "anthropological knowledge" on the religious phenomenon in the making. Particular attention will be given over to the historical question of the relationship between religion and violence and to the anthropology of Christianity.
Planned learning activities and teaching methods: After an introduction of the teacher, the participants will be asked to present a text and manage the following debate.
Additional notes about suggested reading: Articles and monographs not included in the bibliography will be delivered to the participants
Textbooks (and optional supplementary readings)
  • Durkheim E., Le forme elementari della vita religiosa.. Roma: Meltemi, 2005. 460 p. Cerca nel catalogo
  • Evans-Pritchard E.E., Stregoneria, oracoli e magia fra gli Azande. Milano: Raffaello Cortina, 2002. 310 p.
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