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School of Psychology
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PSP3049230, A.A. 2016/17

Information concerning the students who enrolled in A.Y. 2014/15

Information on the course unit
Degree course First cycle degree in
PS1082, Degree course structure A.Y. 2011/12, A.Y. 2016/17
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Number of ECTS credits allocated 9.0
Type of assessment Mark
Course unit English denomination INTRODUCTORY COMPUTER SCIENCE
Department of reference Department of General Psychology
E-Learning website
Mandatory attendance No
Language of instruction Italian
Single Course unit The Course unit CANNOT be attended under the option Single Course unit attendance
Optional Course unit The Course unit can be chosen as Optional Course unit

Teacher in charge LUCA PIETI

ECTS: details
Type Scientific-Disciplinary Sector Credits allocated
Educational activities in elective or integrative disciplines ING-INF/05 Data Processing Systems 9.0

Course unit organization
Period First semester
Year 3rd Year
Teaching method frontal

Type of hours Credits Teaching
Hours of
Individual study
Lecture 9.0 63 162.0 No turn

Start of activities 03/10/2016
End of activities 13/01/2017
Show course schedule 2019/20 Reg.2015 course timetable

Examination board
Board From To Members of the board
7 2019 01/10/2019 30/09/2020 FILIRA FEDERICO (Presidente)
CAMPANA GIANLUCA (Membro Effettivo)
GRASSI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
NUCCI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
6 2018-1 01/10/2018 30/09/2019 FILIRA FEDERICO (Presidente)
CAMPANA GIANLUCA (Membro Effettivo)
GRASSI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
NUCCI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
5 2017-1 01/10/2017 30/09/2018 DI CAMILLO BARBARA (Presidente)
CAMPANA GIANLUCA (Membro Effettivo)
GRASSI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
NUCCI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)
4 2017 01/10/2016 30/09/2017 PIETI LUCA (Presidente)
BORELLA ERIKA (Membro Effettivo)
NUCCI MASSIMO (Membro Effettivo)

Prerequisites: None
Target skills and knowledge: The main aim of the course is to provide students with solid theoretical and practical knowledges of the information technology for conduction research in psychology, as well as for the future profession of psychologist. During the course fundamental elements and skills on the principles related to the functioning and organization of computers, along with the main instruments and informatic systems, and programming languages will be taught.
The course of Fundamentals of computer science is closely related with other courses of the degree course.
Examination methods: Written exam with multiple choice questions on the Moodle platform
Assessment criteria: Students skill acquisition of both theoretical and practical course contents will be assessed through the percentage of correct answers of the final exam.
Course unit contents: The follwoing main topics will be covered:

Computer history
Introduction to the architecture of computers
The organization of a computer and programming
Computer networks and the Internet: client / server and peer-to-peer
Computer programming and the different computer programming languages
High-level languages, machine languages
Computer programming in Java
Operating systems for mobile devices
Computer usability and accessibility
Internet as a tool for research in Psychology
Virtual reality and scientific research
Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Teaching will include frontal and interactive lesson with discussion of research articles and potential application areas.
Students' active intervention will be stimulated and appreciated.
Practical class exercises along with video will be proposed.
Textbooks (and optional supplementary readings)
  • Cabibbo, L., Fondamenti di informatica Oggetti e Java. --: McGraw-Hill, 2013, --. Il testo potrĂ  essere sostituito con materiali e appunti delle lezioni che verranno messi su Moodle Cerca nel catalogo