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SFO2042685, A.A. 2012/13

Information concerning the students who enrolled in A.Y. 2011/12

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Degree course First cycle degree in
SF1334, Degree course structure A.Y. 2011/12, A.Y. 2012/13
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Number of ECTS credits allocated 9.0
Type of assessment Mark
Course unit English denomination CONTEMPORARY HISTORY
Department of reference Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology
Mandatory attendance No
Language of instruction Italian
Single Course unit The Course unit CANNOT be attended under the option Single Course unit attendance
Optional Course unit The Course unit can be chosen as Optional Course unit

Teacher in charge GIAMPIETRO BERTI

ECTS: details
Type Scientific-Disciplinary Sector Credits allocated
Core courses M-STO/04 Contemporary History 9.0

Course unit organization
Period Second semester
Year 2nd Year
Teaching method frontal

Type of hours Credits Teaching
Hours of
Individual study
Lecture 9.0 63 162.0 No turn

Start of activities 04/03/2013
End of activities 15/06/2013
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Examination board
Board From To Members of the board
8 2019/20 01/10/2019 30/09/2020 PETRIZZO ALESSIO (Presidente)
FRANCIA ENRICO (Membro Effettivo)
GAZZETTA LIVIANA (Membro Effettivo)
SORBA CARLOTTA (Membro Effettivo)
7 2018/19 01/10/2018 30/09/2019 PETRIZZO ALESSIO (Presidente)
FRANCIA ENRICO (Membro Effettivo)
SORBA CARLOTTA (Membro Effettivo)
6 2017/18 01/10/2017 30/09/2018 GAZZETTA LIVIANA (Presidente)
BREGANTIN LISA (Membro Effettivo)
5 2016/17 01/10/2016 30/09/2017 GAZZETTA LIVIANA (Presidente)
BREGANTIN LISA (Membro Effettivo)
4 2015/16 01/10/2015 30/09/2016 FOCARDI GIOVANNI (Presidente)
FIORAVANZO MONICA (Membro Effettivo)
FUMIAN CARLO (Membro Effettivo)
3 2014/15 01/10/2014 30/09/2015 FIORAVANZO MONICA (Presidente)
FORNASIER ROBERTO (Membro Effettivo)
RAITO LEONARDO (Membro Effettivo)
SILVANO GIOVANNI (Membro Effettivo)
1 2012/13 01/10/2012 30/09/2013 BERTI GIAMPIETRO (Presidente)
RAITO LEONARDO (Membro Effettivo)
SILVANO GIOVANNI (Membro Effettivo)

Target skills and knowledge:: It is asked to have a general knowledge of the main events of the contemporary history since the Restoration' age to the XXth century' end.
Course unit contents: The aim of the course is to examine the fondamental themes of the italian and international history from the 1848 revolution to the end of the XXth century. We will concentrate principaly on the political ideologies of the XXth century - using some sources and documents - supposing the student has already acquired a basic knowledge of the most important historical events.
Planned learning activities: Since Restoration' age, to the end of the XIXth century. Italian unification. The second half of XIXth century: european and mondial context. The agitated first years of XXth century: ideologies, wars, revolutions. The totalitarianism's age: fascim, nazism, communism. The second world war and its consequences. A bipolar world. The big powers and problems in the second half of XXth century. Italy from 1945 to the first Republic crisis. The second Republic. Post-industrial society and globalisation.
Textbooks: G. Simone, Il guardasigilli del regime. L'itinerario politico e culturale di Alfredo Rocco. Milano: FrancoAngeli, 2012. di imminente pubblicazione
A.Lazzaretto, Riforme "possibili" e difesa dello Stato. Giulio Alessio e la crisi della democrazia liberale. Padova: Cleup, 2012. di imminente pubblicazione
Additional notes about suggested reading:: Manual of Contemporary History, since XIX to XX century, and one of books in the bibliography.
Teaching methods: Academic lessons with analisys of documents. Other infomations during the course.
Assessment criteria: Oral examination
Further information: Nota Bene: si richiede lo studio di un buon manuale di Storia contemporanea dei licei, dalla Restaurazione ai nostri giorni. La scelta del manuale รจ libera.