Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: Familiarity with the historical and cultural coordinates of the early modern period
Very good knowledge of literary English

IMPORTANT: Students must exclusively use the domain for all mails. This account will enable them to have access both to UNIWEB for registering themselves for exams and to MOODLE (by means of which all the information relevant to the course will be published). The University staff, including professors, is NOT legally compelled to answer mails coming from domains other than
Examination methods: Attending students will have to actively take part in the discussion throughout the course and carry out the assignments specified on Moodle.
The syllabus is the SAME for both attending/non-attending students.

The final exam is oral (in English) and will cover the whole syllabus. Attending students will first discuss their Moodle activities.

Texts must be read in English ONLY. Annotated editions ONLY (cfr. bibliography), ie. with notes and commentary. For their own good, students are warmly discouraged from downloading non-annotated texts from the Internet. They are deceivingly cheap, completely useless and tragically inadequate for the final exam. The usage of texts without notes and commentary will severely impair a fruitful attendance of classes and consequently one's chances to pass the final exam.

“Students must register themselves for exams [by way of UNIWEB] by fully respecting the EXPIRY DATES and MODALITIES set forth by the relevant didactic structures" (REGOLAMENTO DELLE CARRIERE DEGLI STUDENTI, Articolo 22, comma 1).

The so-called APPELLO STRAORDINARIO is strictly reserved for "students 'ripetenti' [who must repeat the year] ... under the condition that it hinder not the normal performance of didactic activities" (Calendario Accademico 2014/2015).
Course unit contents: 16th and 17th century English literature, with a special focus on the topic of love.
-Historical and cultural contexts of early modern literature
-The afterlife of early modern literature in contemporary culture (classical/pop music, cinema, tv, art, etc.)

If needed, further changes will be notified during the course

The literary texts are to be bought; please choose the recommended editions.

ALL critical texts will be available online on the course Moodle and, after the end of classes, at the "Centro Copie di Palazzo Maldura" as well