ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1 (Iniziali cognome M-P)


Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
Examination methods: One written and one oral exam.
There are 2 parts to the written exam:
Part A Introduction to Academic Language Skills (Katherine Ackerley / Fiona Dalziel):
1. Written test (short answer and multiple choice questions based on course content; a written text based on the features of one of the registers studied in the course).

Part B General English (Collaboratori ed esperti linguistici):
Written test
Lexicogrammatical part with multiple choice/fill-in-the-blank items and 'listening report' (candidates write a text based on an audio file) OR coursework*.
Oral exam
Spoken interaction with a fellow student OR coursework.

*For Part B, students who regularly attend lessons will have the opportunity to choose the 'coursework' or continuous assessment option. Only students whose English is level B2 and who complete all the tasks set by the language teachers (CEL) within the deadlines will be given a mark for their coursework. This mark will count towards the final mark for Lingua Inglese I. Students who do not pass their coursework or those who decide not to take the coursework option will take the final test for Part B in the final written exam in the June/July exam session (or a later exam session).
Coursework (continuous assessment) for Part B is OPTIONAL.
Course unit contents: Part A.

1. Dictionaries, Corpora & Report Writing ” (Katherine Ackerley - II semester).
The course aims to give students the notions and tools necessary to recognise and use various registers and genres and to help students develop their written skills.
There will also be a focus on the following competences:
- use of a monolingual learner dictionary;
- use of linguistic corpora for lexicogrammatical searches.
The students will also have the opportunity to produce texts using Moodle.

2. Introduction to the Noun Phrase and English Pronunciation (Fiona Dalziel - II semestre)

The course aims to provide basic knowledge of the noun phrase and to develop students' awareness of their own pronunciation. Students will have the opportunity to produce audio files using appropriate software.

Part B.
"General English" (Collaboratori ed Esperti Linguistici - semesters I and II).
In the classroom there wil be a focus on general language skills. Students will use online resources to develop their listening comprehension and writing skills. Use will be made of Moodle and University Language Centre resources.