Second cycle degree in THEATRE, FILM, TELEVISION AND MEDIA STUDIES (Ord. 2017)

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: It is advisable, for students of History of Animation, to be familiar with the history of cinema and the language of film theory and film analysis. It is even more advisable, though, to be accustomed to watching films (with a critical attitude). Knowing a meaningful "repertoire" of films and being ready to expand it are very good credentials for this course. Finally, proficiency in English is recommended, as the course will be taught in this language.
Examination methods: The final exam will be an oral test, both for attending and not attending students.

For attenders, the exam will focus on the course and on textbooks. Moreover, at the beginning of the course the students will receive a list of films, of which 15 have to be selected and integrally watched. Some of those films could be discussed during the exam.

The students can freely choose to talk in Italian or in English during the exam. However, the use of English will be obligatory during one small section of the test: all students (attending and not attending) are required to prepare a five minute talk in English, to be illustrated with a Powerpoint file. The talk and the Powerpoint need to focus on a general topic or a film discussed during the course (or included in the above mentioned list of films). In case of a different topic choice, please contact the teacher in advance. The students can use the Powerpoint files provided by the teacher during the course as a model for their work.

To take the exam as attenders, it is advised to be present for at least 38 hours out of 42. Students have to make up for the missed lessons by getting informed about them from fellow students, through written notes and the like. All attending students are supposed to know 100% of the contents of the course. A missed lesson cannot be used as an excuse for an error during the exam.

It is recommendable to attend the course, as not attending students will not receive teaching materials such as videoclips and handouts; they will be required to study two complete books written in English. Moreover they will have to watch 15 films chosen from the list mentioned above and to prepare a five minute talk aided by a Powerpoint file, just like the attending students.

As it is expected that each session will see only a few students taking the test, the teacher kindly asks to be informed about eventual absences in a timely manner (at least one day before the test). The exam registration will close three days before the test.
Course unit contents: 1) Definition of animation
2) Animation styles and techniques
3) Origins of animation: pioneers, early schools
4) Animation in the USA. Special focus: Walt Disney
5) Animation in Europe
6) Animation in Italy. Special focus: Bruno Bozzetto
7) Animation in Asia. Special focus: Studio Ghibli
8) Special focus: animated series