Second cycle degree in SCIENZE DELLO SPETTACOLO E PRODUZIONE MULTIMEDIALE (Ord. 2014) (discontinued)

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: Students must have some knowledge of the history and of the technical evolution of the photographic world as well as a good knowledge of the main historical events of the recent past which went on with the development of photography from its invention till now.
Examination methods: There will be an oral exam. Candidates attending the course will be allowed to start presenting a personal work agreed upon with the professor.
Course unit contents: The course aims to approach students to a critical understanding of the history of photojournalism through the analysis of the most recognized shapes and personalities that have marked the evolution of photographic representation in the journalistic communication. Starting with some reflections on the characteristics of photographic representation, the course will lead the student to the heart of the current debate that links information and ideology, technique and aesthetics, political and historical truth with the use of journalistic images. Born to inform, to witness and denounce, the journalistic image now produces more ejection rather than indignation, more addiction rather than participation, more acquittal rather than condemnation. On the basis of these considerations, the course will analyze some examples of the most recent conflicts to understand how images have taken on a new role, creating a parallel scenario that nowadays we use to call "the war of images".