Second cycle degree in DATA SCIENCE

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 12

Prerequisites: The student should have basic knowledge of programming and algorithms.
Examination methods: The student is expected to pass a written and an oral exam.
Course unit contents: The course will cover the topics listed below:
- Databases
Introduction to relational databases: data model; relational algebra; SQL; DBMS;
NoSQL technologies: characteristics of NoSQL databases; aggregate data models: key value stores, document databases, column family stores, graph databases, others; distribution models: sharding, replication (master-slave,peer-to-peer).
Streams of Data: architecture(s); data modeling; query processing and optimization.
Networking Fundamentals: Network architectures (OSI Model); TCP and UDP Transport layer protocols; IP Addressing and Routing; Link Layer Forwarding; DNS and DHCP.
Advanced Networking: Virtual LAN (VLAN) and Virtual eXtensible Lan (VXLAN), Software Defined Networking: control, data plane and virtualization; concepts on Cloud Computing: service and deployment models: data centers architectures, topologies, addressing, routing, traffic characteristics; Case Study: The Web of Things (IoT standards and protocols).
- Programming
Programming for Data Scientist using Python: computational environment (IPython and Jupyter); storage and manipulation (NumPy and Pandas); data visualization (Matplotlib).