First cycle degree in PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge on general Cognitive functions like: perception, attention, language and memory
Examination methods: The exam will be oral and in English
Course unit contents: This course is designed to provide a broad introduction to the major areas of interest in developmental psychology. We will explore topics such as biological, cognitive, emotional, and social development, by conceptualizing the individual as a whole at different stages of the lifespan. With an emphasis on the scientific nature of psychology, I will present common research methodologies employed by developmental psychologists. Primary attention will be devoted to the period of infancy through adolescence with some coverage of adulthood, and late life.
I will focus on questions such as: What psychological changes occur during infancy, childhood, and adolescence? What psychological processes drive the development of children? What are the psychological, neurobiological, and genetic/environmental causes of developmental disorders, such as language impairment, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and dyslexia? What can psychologists do to promote healthy development in neurotypical individuals and support development among individuals with developmental disorders?