First cycle degree in PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: It is expected that students will have foundation level of Psychological literacy developed throughout Year 1.
Examination methods: Students in attendance:

• Will be examined by submitting a summary ‘portfolio’ of their weekly readings (guidance provided) and structured questions.

Students not in attendance:
• Will sit a final exam consisting of multiple choice and open questions based on the core text book.
Course unit contents: The content of the class will be arranged around the core textbook, but will introduce range of research articles and sources from other disciplines (e.g., Sociology of medicine and health, Sports Psychology, Physiology, and popular culture readings and real-world case studies).

Indicative content:

Week 1: Why do we care about health and why is it social?
Week 2: How does health vary between genders, ethnicity, and social class?
Week 3: Determinants of health behaviours
Week 4: Health behaviours part I
Week 5: Health behaviours part II
Week 6: Modification of health behaviour
Week 7: Health prevention
Week 8: Health care, practice, and policy

Please use the above content as a guide to the structure of the course, but depending on the nature of discussions and research articles, I will adapt the class content to promote your interests and engagement, and develop your research and evidence based readings.