First cycle degree in PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of Psychobiology and Cognitive psychology is required.
Examination methods: The exam will be written (duration: 30 minutes) and it will take place in rooms with specially-equipped computers. The exam consists of 31 multiple-choice questions. Each question will be associated with four answers. Only one answer will be the correct one. There will be two alternative modalities for sustaining the exam (students should select one and only one modality):

Modality 1. Study of the handbook: Introducing Neuropsychology: 2nd Edition, 2008 (see bellow). The specific chapters that should be studied will be announced on the Moodle website of the course.

Modality 2. Study of specific materials concerning the course (student notes, slides, articles and book chapters; all these materials -with the exception of student notes- will be available from the Moodle website of the course).
Course unit contents: 1. Introduction to cognitive neuropsychology.

2. Cognitive neuropsychology of the agnosias, aphasias, alexias, agraphias, apraxias, and amnesias.

3. Cognitive neuropsychology of the emotions.

4. Cognitive neuropsychology of the executive functions.