5 years single cycle degree in BUILDING ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 12

Prerequisites: In order to attend the course, students should already have attended the courses up to the third year of the master degree programme, and preferably have passed the exams.
In particular, knowledge and skills acquired in the following courses are considered essential, though not mandatory: Architectural and Urban Composition I and II and Design Studios; History of Architecture and History of Contemporary Architecture.
Examination methods: The final exam consists in a critical discussion of the exercises held during the course, with particular reference to design choices, methodologies, consistency of the different technical and formal aspects. The presentation of the theoretical basis of the discipline, dealt with during the course, aims to assess the grade of knowledge and grade of awareness reached by the student.
The carried out work will be represented in about 3 to 4 A0 size boards, a 1:500 scale model, a video or a powerpoint presentation.
Besides traditional techniques of represeantation, students will be encouraged to use advanced ICT.
Course unit contents: Teaching considers the project of a urban area as working tool, rather than as a mere goal. Students are expected to control the process of formal definition on different topics and at different scales.
Object of study will be peri-urban areas of Padua.