Second cycle degree in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: None.
Examination methods: Students can choose between two options, similar for content and level of preparation required.
A) Written test. The exam consists of one or more numerical exercises, possibly integrated by theoretical questions. Numerical exercises concern: evaluation of the acoustic impact of sound sources in free or diffused fields; characterization of sound sources; evaluation of the acoustic characteristics of confined spaces, dimensioning of control systems for noise reduction.
B) Intermediate tests and oral final examination. The exam consists of the discussion of the reports developed on the basis of the activities carried out in group works in laboratory and independently during individual measurement experiences by means of acquisition software that can be used with personal equipments (smarphone or tablet).
For the access to "B" option, all laboratory activities are required.
Course unit contents: Fundamentals of acoustic waves
Psychoacoustics and theories of hearing
Environmental and building acoustics
Measurement methods and common instrumentation
Noise control methods
Machinery noise
Community reaction
Legal aspects