Second cycle degree in MATHEMATICAL ENGINEERING - INGEGNERIA MATEMATICA (Ord. 2015) (discontinued)

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: None.
Examination methods: Final examination based on homeworks and oral examination.
Course unit contents: The specific subjects covered will be:

Basic equations for electromagnetic fields
- Maxwell's equations
- Charge continuity equation
- Constitutive relations
- Continuity conditions
- The Helmholtz equation
- Magnetic vector potential

- Steinmetz representation of time-harmonic vectors
- Properties of time-harmonic vectors
- Properties of the complex vectors

General theorems
- Poynting's theorem
- Uniqueness theorem
- Reciprocity theorem
- Spatial symmetries: the image theorem

Plane waves in isotropic media
- Solution of the homogeneous Helmholtz equation
- Plane waves: terminology and classification
- Traveling waves. Phase velocity
- Poynting vector and wave impedance
- Refection and refraction of plane waves
- Fresnel formulas
- Total reflection
- Refection on the surface of a good conductor

Numerical methods for electromagnetics
- The Finite Element Method
- The Beam Propagation Method
- The Finite Difference in the Time Domain method

Waveguides with conducting walls
- Homogeneously filled cylindrical structures
- Waveguides with ideal conducting walls
- Rectangular waveguides
- Circular waveguides and coaxial cables

Fundamentals of antenna theory
- Equivalent dipole moment of an extended source
- Far field approximations
- Short electric-current element
- Thin linear antennas
- Half-wavelength antenna
- Characterization of antennas: effective length, directivity, gain, input impedance
- Behavior of receiving antennas: reciprocity, effective area
- The Friis formula