Second cycle degree in ENERGY ENGINEERING

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: Knowledge about the selection criteria and preliminary design of fluid machinery.
Examination methods: Discussion on the projects assigned during the course and oral exam on the entire course program.
Course unit contents: Wind Turbines: Historical use of wind : windmills and windwheels. Wind Characteristics and Analysis of wind Data. Basic Concepts of wind Energy Converter, Rotor with Vertical and Horizontal Axis. Physical Principles of Wind Energy Conversation: Actuator disc concept, Rotor blade theory, rotor power characteristics. Design of Horizontal Axis Turbines with detail of aerodynamic design feature of the rotor. Active and Passive Power control. Aerodynamics of Vertical Axis Rotors. Performance of the wind energy conversion systems, Capacity Factor, Matching the turbine with wind regime. Environmental aspects and impact.
MicroHydro: Fundamental of Hydraulic Engineering. Evaluating stream flow Site Evaluation Methodologies. Hydraulic Structures Turbines types and configurations: Pelton, Turgo, Banky, Francis, Kaplan PAT. Load Controller. Environmental impact and its mitigation.