Second cycle degree in COMPUTER ENGINEERING

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 9

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in the area of Computer Networks, Java knowledge
Examination methods: Exam: written exam 90 min.; the acceptance to the exam is completion of all lab and project assignments; Final grade evaluation: 60% written exam + 40% lab/project assignments
Course unit contents: Course content:
•Surveys of Fundamentals on Computer Networks: Medium Access Control, TCP/IP Stack, Spanning Tree Protocol, VLAN, Addressing/Subnetting, Routing Alg./Protocols/Tables, QoS, CoS.
•Network Management (NM) Architecture: Reference Model, Legacy NM Functionalities: Monitoring, Performance, Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Distributed NM, Proxy Architecture, Policy Governed Architecture, EVAS NM Architecture (Endpoint Visualization, Access, and Security), Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture, Software Defined Networks Architecture (SDN).
•Management Information Bases (MIBs): Std. and Private MIBs, MIB II, ASN.1 Language, Structure of Management Information (SMI) using ASN.1, Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Remote Network Monitoring MIBs: RMON1&2.
•NM-Protocols and -Systems: SNMPv2&v3, NetFlow, OpenFlow, CoAP, 6LoWPAN, NM Systems: OpenNMS, NetFlow Collector, Mininet (SDN)
•Network Attacks: Type of Attacks: Reconnaissance (Reconn), Denial of Service (DoS), DDoS, Case studies of Network Attacks;
•Network Security Models: Basic Security Model: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Network Access Control (NAC), Transport Layer Security: SSL, TSL, DTLS, Network Layer Security: Packet filtering, Access Control List (ACL), PAT/NAT, IPSec, VPN, Link Layer Security: IEEE 802.15.4
•Managing Protection against Network Attacks: VLAN Security, New Generation FW (NGFW), New Generation IPS (NGIPS), Legacy NAC using Std. IEEE 802.1x and RADIUS, Managing NAC using Policy Engines: Case Study: NAC using Policy Governed Network CISCO-ISE, Managing Sandboxing Protection
•NM Protection Regulation Guides.