Second cycle degree in BIOENGINEERING

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of biology and physiology. In particular, knowledge about structure and function of DNA, RNA and protein syntesis in eukariotic and prokariotic cells is required.
Examination methods: Written test.
Course unit contents: 1: Basic technologies
- molecular cloning
- genomic libraries
- DNA amplification through PCR
- DNA sequencing methods
- whole genome sequencing
- DNA and protein alignment methods

2: Diagnosis and therapy of human diseases:
- molecular diagnosis
- immunological approaches to detect protein biomarkers of disease
- molecular approaches for disease diagnosis
- RNA detection as a method for disease diagnosis

3: Basic concepts in Immunology:
- immune response
- immune system functions
- types of antibodies: applications
- immunological techniques

4: Microbiology:
- bacteria
- viruses

5: Production of therapeutic agents:
- gene expression manipulation in prokaryotes
- production of heterologous proteins in eukaryotic cells
- site-specific mutagenesis
- genome editing
- mRNA and DNA specific targeting
- viral and non-viral systems for gene transfer
- gene therapy and applications

6: Vaccines:
- vaccination
- subunit vaccines
- DNA vaccines
- attenuated vaccines
- vaccine vectors

7: Cell therapy:
- stem cell biology
- stem cell reprogramming
- tissue engineering