First cycle degree in AEROSPACE ENGINEERING

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: Second Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: in order to be allowed to take the exams of the 3rd year, the student must have acquired at least 75 CFU, in particular all those pertaining to the 1st year
Examination methods: A written test (2 hours) at mid-course plus a final written test (2 hours) at the end. The vote is determined by a weighted average of the two tests. During the course, several exercises are suggested for home work, to better ascertain the interest and preparation of the student.
At the request of the student, an oral exam can be taken after the final written exam.
Course unit contents: the detailed program is expounded in the first hour of lectures. Schematically:
The material channel vs the electromagnetic channel
Basics of plane and spherical trigonometry, vectors
The origin of the reference system
The shape of the Earth
The celestial sphere, the main astronomical coordinate systems and their transformation rules
Examples of telescopes in the different mechanical mounts
Movements of the terrestrial observer
Precession, nutation
Free Eulerian nutation, the polar motion
Aberration and gravitational deflection of light
Time in astronomy
Daily and Annual parallaxes
Dynamical and secular parallaxes
Proper motions and radial velocities
Astrometry from space: Hipparcos and Gaia
The ESA/Rosetta mission
The future ESA/Castalia mission
Apex of solar motion and Local Standard of Rest
Some elements of Dynamics
The structure of the solar system
Our Sun
The Earth atmosphere
Basics of Astronomical photometry
Basics of Astronomical spectroscopy
Basics on the Universe