5 years single cycle degree in LAW (Ord. 2017)

Campus: PADOVA

Language: English

Teaching period: First Semester


Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6

Prerequisites: General information about the history of Europe and the Mediterranean area in the ancient, medieval and modern age. Basic legal concepts. The course of lessons provides the essentials in both areas through in-depth documents included in the study materials. National and international legal culture basics are thus reviewed whenever necessary, so as to form a coherent, meaningful reference for the topics taught in the course of lessons.
Examination methods: Individual interview.
In addition to the sessions of exams listed in the official calendar, it will be possible to undergo verifications of competence during office days and hours. Students are invited to consult Moodle--Venetian Law History--Notizie recenti, in case unforeseen, occasional modifications should be made to the calendar and/or hours of office.
The result of the verification is documented in a certificate delivered to the student; its validity does not expire.
The mark will be formalised during any of the following ordinary sessions of examinations. Therefore the students who undergo the verification must later enlist on UniWeb, after checking that their plan of studies is current and valid.
It is not necessary to answer to the call on the appointed day. Only those students who wish their mark to be noted in the (now obsolete) paper booklet, must present themselves before the beginning on the exams.
Course unit contents: Introduction: topics to be treated, methods of approach, general information and conceptual elements; Before independence (antiquity-VIII century); Ducatus (742-1143); Comune (1143-1297); Republic (1297-1454).
See Moodle for details.